Winter Care Tips for Wood Furniture

5 November, 2019

As the seasons change and the temperatures cool down, you’re probably not spending much time lounging on your backyard patio. Rain, snow, and wind will eventually drive you inside, and then you’ll spend your evenings warming up by the fireplace rather than watching the summer sunsets outside.Since your patio isn’t getting much use during the […]

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Backyard Patio Design Ideas: Simple Tips to Improve Your Yard

19 September, 2019

Your backyard is an extension of your living space, an oasis where you can unwind, entertain, and create memories. Best of all, you can tailor it to fit your lifestyle. Browse these backyard design ideas to create your very own little slice of heaven outdoors. Entertaining in Your BackyardThe backyard has become a very desirable […]

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Steamed Artichokes with Siracha Lime Aioli

10 September, 2019

Steamed Artichokes with SRiracha Lime Aioli appetizers Learn how to cook artichokes perfectly to create a delightful shared appetizer or snack. Ingredients · 2 Artichokes  · 4 tbsp lemon juice  · ¼ cup mayo  · Zest of one lime  · 1 tsp. lime juice  · 2 tbsp of Sriracha Directions 1. Using a steaming pot, bring […]

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How To Stain Outdoor Furniture

How to Stain Outdoor Furniture [Our Expert Guide]

25 July, 2019

Staining outdoor furniture can bring new life to weathered and worn pieces. Wondering how to go about it? Staining outdoor furniture requires cleaning and preparing, stripping the old finish, sanding, and then applying the new stain. Learn more about each of these steps for how to stain outdoor furniture in the guide below.  How Do […]

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The Best Patio Umbrellas [Outdoor Umbrella Guide]

2 July, 2019

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Guide A sun umbrella is an easy way to add shade to your outdoor gathering area and block harmful UV rays from the sun. In addition to providing you and your guests with shelter from the sun’s scorching rays, an outdoor patio umbrella can also make for a stylish accent piece to your […]

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Outdoor Lighting Tips [How to Stage Your Backyard]

No backyard design would be complete without outdoor accent lighting. This crucial component of outdoor esthetics is key to creating the perfect atmosphere outside your home for summer barbecues, late-night pool parties, and time together under the stars.In this landscape lighting design guide, we’ll show you how the right lights can complement your patio furniture, […]

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Best Ways to Care for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

9 May, 2019

While learning how to protect outdoor furniture, it’s important you clean, preserve and protect, decorate and design, and store for the weather. Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture How to Protect Outdoor Furniture Decorate & Design Store For The Weather  Let’s dive into the four tips on how to care for your outdoor patio furniture so it […]

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