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How to get your backyard party-ready in 30 minutes or fewer

Hosting a party on the fly can be stressful – you weren't planning on entertaining all those people! Fortunately, you can have a totally successful backyard bash without weeks of preparation. The key to making it happen is to pare down on your duties and focus only on setting up the absolute essentials. With these tips, you can have your yard ready for a night of fun in 30 minutes or fewer:

Rearrange seating
Your outdoor furniture sets are likely set up in a configuration that accommodates your family. Perhaps you have a cozy corner on your patio devoted to lounge sofas that you use to read or relax. However, the arrangement you use now may not be ideal when hosting a party. If you have modular seating, such as the items featured in RST Brand's Portofino Signature Four Piece Moda set, moving your furniture is easy. You can configure the pieces any way you want to accommodate movement and conversation at your party. Open the seating to create a large party space, or tuck the furniture into a horseshoe shape to make a private space. Moving pieces around is a quick way to make your yard more company-friendly.

Gather lighting
The way you light a space can completely change its ambiance. A summer nighttime bash will feel intimate, cozy and relaxed if you add soft light from fiery sources. Place candles on your tables (preferably the kind that ward off mosquitos) or even use your fire pit. Your guests will love gathering around the flames from your fire pit to roast marshmallows or simply chat – it's a quintessential summer activity!

If those aren't enough, you can always hang string lights over your yard in a matter of minutes. Just make sure you have some help. 

Stick to simple foods
Most people love to nibble at parties – a good cheese goes great with a glass of wine, after all. Unfortunately, you don't have time to go all out Julia Child, but you can still provide tasty appetizers. Avoid making complex meals and stick to cold finger foods instead. Start by looking at what you have in your home already. For example, you can whip up a good bruschetta with ingredients most people already have in their kitchens. Even a plate of cheese and crackers works! 

Put out flowers
You don't need elaborate decor to have a successful backyard party. Grab a few flowers from your garden and place them in a vase. This simple touch makes it look as though you put a lot of thought and effort into decorating. Between the candles and flowers, you'll be set.