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Resolve to Have an Amazing Backyard in 2016!

Are you one of those kind of people who sees your backyard as just an annoying lump of space that your HOA forces you to take care of? Unfortunately, many of us see our backyards that way.

Do you even know how to have an amazing backyard?

We often fail to realize that the backyard can be a specialized space unlike any other in the home.

When we take the time to give our backyards a special purpose, keeping up with maintenance all the sudden becomes a lot easier. We become more motivated to keep our backyards nice so that we don’t lose that dedicated space.

This year, resolve to transform your backyard into a space that you can feel comfortable spending time in. Have you always wanted a place to escape from the busyness of everyday life? Have you always wanted a dedicated play space that doesn’t pose a threat to outdoor furniture or accessories?

Here is a list of different ways you can transform your backyard into the space you always wanted:

Social Space

Many of us dream about turning our backyards into the ultimate social gathering space where we can invite friends and family to mix and mingle. Do you want your backyard to be where all the July Fourth or Memorial Day parties are held? Then here are some ways you can do it.

Fire Pit – A fire pit is a great way for you to keep your outdoor parties lasting into the night. Even during the colder months, a fire pit can keep your guests warm and happy into the evening hours. Who doesn’t love instant access to a classic s’more making? Tip: Check with your local fire department to make sure you are following proper safety regulations before you install your fire pit.

how to have an amazing backyard

Decks – There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy the sun during a barbecue on a spacious and comfortable deck. Many of us have nice outdoor furniture that sometimes goes to waste because we don’t have a deck to put it on. Putting a nice outdoor table on grass can be unstable and totally eliminate the table’s entire purpose. Give your outdoor furniture what it really needs and build that deck you’ve always wanted.

Outdoor Table – Speaking of an outdoor dining table, what good would it be to have a barbecue party without a place for people to gather and eat? A quality outdoor table on your patio or deck can be the ultimate social gathering tool that your outdoor parties need.

Recreation Space

Family game night doesn’t always have to involve board games. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk right out your back door and challenge your spouse to a game of outdoor bowling? If you’ve always wanted your backyard to a place of recreation, then here are some things your can do this year.

Outdoor Bowling – There are plenty of outdoor bowling sets that allow for easy setup and take down. Unfortunately, many of them don’t work very well on grass, and who has a long stretch of concrete in their backyard? Instead, invest in wooden or concrete construction that is more permanent, that way you can choose a location in your yard that is most convenient.

Horseshoes – You can find a horseshoe game kit for $40 at any store, but by digging the pits, filling them with sand and building the backboards you can give yourself the true horseshoe experience. Horseshoes is a great game that facilitates a healthy social and competitive atmosphere everyone wants from an outdoor game.

Relaxation Space

Your backyard can easily become your fortress of solitude. A place where you can get away from everything and unplug for a while to let your brain recharge itself. If you aren’t able to feel some level of relaxation in every space in your home, then there is something wrong.

Transforming your backyard into a relaxing space is easy with these suggestions.

Hammock – If you’ve never taken a nice long nap outside during a spring or summer day, then you’re really missing out. A hammock is the ultimate outdoor relaxation tool. We promise, if you lay out in your hammock and start to read a book, if won’t be long until you are gently rocked to sleep by a soft breeze. If hammocks are the ultimate outdoor relaxation tool, then an RST hammock is the Rolls-Royce of hammocks.

Outdoor Chairs – Picture this. It’s a nice spring day. You’ve got a cool glass of lemonade and your favorite book. You walk out onto your new deck to enjoy the sun and you settle into a clunky metal chair. Wait, what? Who relaxes in a cheap metal fold out chair? No one does. That’s why if you want to enjoy your outdoor relaxation space, you need a nice comfortable set of outdoor chairs.

how to have an amazing backyard

Outdoor Couch – Maybe a hammock isn’t your thing. Some people just don’t like moving with the breeze while the lay down and relax. Don’t worry, there’s a solution for that problem. A nice outdoor couch or sectional can make your relaxation space a second living or family room. What makes an outdoor couch even better is that you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty by putting your feet up because it was meant for the outdoors.

Kid Space

How many of us have wished that we could send the kids off into a nice protected space where they can play by themselves without having to worry about keeping an eye on them? A backyard can easily become that kind of space. When the kids are bored, they can go outside in the backyard where they can have endless fun in the sun.

In-Ground Trampoline – What kid doesn’t love jumping on a trampoline? What gets some parents nervous though is the thought of their child jumping over the edge and getting injured. You can solve that problem by digging a pit for the trampoline to sit in. The kids can still jump high and you won’t have to worry about any broken bones. Plus, it makes mowing the grass a lot easier because you won’t have to shove the mower underneath the trampoline.

Outdoor Playhouse – Most of us cringe at the thought of installing an outdoor playhouse. The chief complaint is that playhouses make it harder to mow the lawn. However, if you take the time to construct a play area that covers all the square footage on the ground, it makes cutting the grass a lot easier.


You didn’t buy your house with the thought of never doing anything with your backyard. You’ve saved the money for your down payment. You’ve made the interior what you want it to be. This year, you deserve to upgrade your house into your dream home. Why not transform your outdoor space into what you’ve always wanted it to be?