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5 Patio Lighting Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

Lighting is everything, even on the exterior of your home. Are you rethinking the current lighting setup on your patio? If all you’ve got are a few floodlights out back, it’s definitely time that you consider some new patio lighting ideas to turn your backyard into a place you love to be, even when it’s dark outside.

Here are 5 outdoor lighting ideas you should seriously consider for your backyard to give it some style, some ambiance, and create your own little piece of nighttime paradise.

1. Pathway Lights

Walkway or pathway lights should especially be considered when you’re looking for garden patio ideas. Although they won’t offer enough light to be your primary light source, walkway lights are an excellent option to use as a way to provide some soft lighting to your patio, while highlighting elements of your yard.

2. White Twinkly Lights

While it may seem cliché, your backyard and patio really aren’t complete without strings of white twinkly lights. An excellent idea for patio party lights, these lights can be strung across your patio, used to light up your trees, or even to wrap around your deck to add a beautiful soft glow to any get-together, or just an evening relaxing on the patio. You really can’t go wrong with twinkly lights.

3. Fire Table

Stop thinking about the small fire pits that are only good for roasting marshmallows, and consider installing a fire table in your backyard. Not only are these stylish and beautiful, but they can easily give off enough light to help you see on your patio at night.

4. Lamp Posts

Lamp post lights can be used solely to surround your patio, or scattered around throughout your backyard, adding a homey, welcoming feel to your outdoor spaced. An excellent consideration when coming up with small patio ideas, or just outdoor patio ideas in general, lamp posts look classic and timeless in any yard.

5. Moon Lighting

Imagine your backyard lit up by the soft glow of the moon—is there anything more magical? No matter how well the moon usually lights up your patio, using this type of lighting will leave your yard bathed in a soft glow, creating an excellent backdrop for a dinner with friends, or setting the mood for a romantic evening on your patio.  

Feeling Inspired?

Are you ready to get out there and get your outdoor spaces lit up properly with one or more of these lighting ideas for patios? Decide the mood you’d like to set in your yard and turn your patio into the magical space of you’ve always wanted.