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5 Patio Lighting Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space


Lighting is everything, even on the exterior of your home. Are you rethinking the current lighting setup on your patio? If all you’ve got are a few floodlights out back, it’s definitely time that you consider some new patio lighting ideas to turn your backyard into a place you love to be, even when it’s dark outside.

Here are 5 outdoor lighting ideas you should seriously consider for your backyard to give it some style, some ambiance, and create your own little piece of nighttime paradise.

1. Pathway Lights

Walkway or pathway lights should especially be considered when you’re looking for garden patio ideas. Although they won’t offer enough light to be your primary light source, walkway lights are an excellent option to use as a way to provide some soft lighting to your patio, while highlighting elements of your yard.

2. White Twinkly Lights

While it may seem cliché, your backyard and patio really aren’t complete without strings of white twinkly lights. An excellent idea for patio party lights, these lights can be strung across your patio, used to light up your trees, or even to wrap around your deck to add a beautiful soft glow to any get-together, or just an evening relaxing on the patio. You really can’t go wrong with twinkly lights.

3. Fire Table

Stop thinking about the small fire pits that are only good for roasting marshmallows, and consider installing a fire table in your backyard. Not only are these stylish and beautiful, but they can easily give off enough light to help you see on your patio at night.

4. Lamp Posts

Lamp post lights can be used solely to surround your patio, or scattered around throughout your backyard, adding a homey, welcoming feel to your outdoor spaced. An excellent consideration when coming up with small patio ideas, or just outdoor patio ideas in general, lamp posts look classic and timeless in any yard.

5. Moon Lighting

Imagine your backyard lit up by the soft glow of the moon—is there anything more magical? No matter how well the moon usually lights up your patio, using this type of lighting will leave your yard bathed in a soft glow, creating an excellent backdrop for a dinner with friends, or setting the mood for a romantic evening on your patio.  

Feeling Inspired?

Are you ready to get out there and get your outdoor spaces lit up properly with one or more of these lighting ideas for patios? Decide the mood you’d like to set in your yard and turn your patio into the magical space of you’ve always wanted.

Best Material for Outdoor Furniture & How to Protect It

The best material for outdoor furniture is sturdy materials like cast aluminum, teak, and synthetic resin wicker, as well as long-lasting fabrics like polyester or vinyl. When you’re looking to invest in outdoor furniture for your backyard space, you want something that will stand the test of time.

When it comes to standing the test of time, these are the best materials for outdoor furniture

Durable Outdoor Furniture Material

Most outdoor furniture will have both a structural element and a second element for comfort or convenience, such as a cushion or cover. We’ll focus first on the structural elements, which should be made from materials that won’t rust, mold, deteriorate, or malfunction when exposed to the natural weather forces. Then we’ll discuss long-lasting outdoor furniture fabrics, which should be used to make couch cushions, chair pads, or outdoor furniture covers. There are a few fabrics that stand out above the rest as materials that won’t fade, rip, or mold.

Synthetic Resin Wicker

Synthetic wicker is different from rattan, though both are good options for outdoor furniture. Synthetic resin comes in cheap PVC versions or High Density Polyethylene. The latter is the preferred choice, since it’s a higher end material that will last much longer.


Teak can be left outside all year long and lasts 50 years or more without any major signs of wear and tear. Teak can be extremely heavy, however, and does require cleaning and a sealant coat to protect the color.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is created when molten metal is forced under high pressure into a mold cavity. It is lightweight which allows for easy moving.

Powder-Coated Aluminum

This material is created when a dry, powdered paint is applied to aluminum. This produces a relatively hard, abrasion-resistant, and rust-free coating in any color.

Extruded Aluminum

This type of aluminum is so strong and stable (yet lightweight) that it is even used for components on the International Space Station.


This brand of outdoor fabric is popular for its UV protection and all-weather qualities. This means the fabric will never fade in the bright sun, is quick to dry, and easy to care for.

Polyurethane Coated Polyester

One of the most beautiful fabric options for outdoor furniture, polyurethane coated polyester is a great option for those who place importance on the aesthetics and feel of their outdoor chairs and couches. This material is soft and moves easily, so it mimics luxurious fabrics you’d find on an indoor furniture piece.


Choose vinyl if you’re looking for something to withstand even the most severe weather, like hail storms, snow, and high winds. Vinyl is a thick material that will repel water easily.

Cleaning and Protecting

Though all of the outdoor materials mentioned above are lower maintenance than any indoor fabric, some of them do still require a little maintenance. Putting in a little effort every few days or weeks will ensure that your outdoor furniture lasts as long as possible in peak condition. Especially for the furniture cushions, you need to make sure that they are in good condition as they tend to get used more, and thus suffer more wear and tear. You should know when to replace them, or when to use covers, so you might want to learn more about outdoor cushion covers. Moreover, harsh weather conditions may sometimes damage them further. However, the material you choose can make a difference in how long it lasts, as mentioned above. Besides that, here are some general tips:

  • Close patio umbrellas when not in use so they don’t get damaged by the wind
  • Rinse down furniture with an outdoor hose on a regular basis. If you see layers of dirt or grime on your furniture, use a mild surface cleaner or soap to wipe clean
  • Use a fabric spray guard to prevent future buildup and restore water repellency
  • Use furniture covers to prolong the life of your outdoor pieces. Covers should include:
    • UV protection
    • Velcro straps
    • Heavy-duty zippers

Following the advice outlined in this article will leave you prepared to care for your outdoor furniture for years to come. We hope you enjoy the memories made as you spend time outdoors with family and friends.

Prepping for Spring: Your Perfect Yard & Patio


Check out how to prep your yard and patio so you can head outside and enjoy them the minute the weather turns warm!

Clean and Wash Surfaces

It is surprising how much outdoor debris can accumulate over the course of a winter. Now that the snow is melting and the ground is drying out, you will want to get everything all cleaned up. Pick up trash and rake up decayed leaves. Be sure to get all the corners and underneath the shrubs where stuff tends to accumulate. Other places to check are the rain gutters and window wells.

You can use a high-pressure nozzle on a garden hose to wash down all the hard surfaces in your yard. This includes walls, fences, rails, decks, and patios.

Aerate and Prune  

Core aeration allows water and air to penetrate the root zone of your turf, resulting in better development and growth. You can call a lawn care company to do this for you or you can easily do it yourself with just a couple of supplies from the hardware store. The important thing is that it’s done before the soil temperature reaches 55-60 degrees. Otherwise, the voids in the ground will invite aggressive weed seeds to settle in.

Your trees and shrubs will reward you with a wonderful display through the rest of the year if you do a proper pruning before new growth begins. Remove the following from trees:

  • Dead or dying branches
  • Branches that rub together
  • Branches that grow back toward the center of the tree
  • Branches that are spaced too closely on the trunk
  • Branch stubs and suckers
  • Hazardous branches or trees
  • Branches that interfere with parking and walking areas or the entry to your home

When it comes to pruning shrubbery, go lightly to help them grow fuller and bushier.

Fertilize and Kill Weeds

A good spring fertilizer will wake up your lawn and give it a good jump start on its growing season. It will also provide nutrients for the strength needed to withstand summer heat and stress.

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide is very important in your fight against crabgrass, clover, dandelions, and all sorts of other pesky weed seeds that can remain viable for years. Be sure you buy the correct killer for your specific problem plants and know exactly how to use it. Otherwise, you won’t be doing any good.

Check and Reset Sprinklers

When the soil is frost-free to at least twelve inches below the surface, it is time to check your sprinkler system. If your system isn’t equipped with air pressure relief valves, remove the sprinkler heads at the highest point in each zone before you do an initial system start-up. This will prevent a surge of air pressure from bursting the fittings. Then, test each zone separately for leaks or breaks.

After everything appears to be in good working order, you can open the main supply valve to its full operating position. Last of all, check your timer programs and reset them if appropriate.

Furnish and Decorate

What’s the point in having a spiffed-up yard if you don’t have any furniture to use for enjoyment out there? So now comes the fun part!

Create a cozy spot for two with colorful, comfortable loungers or seat your entire extended family on a deluxe sectional. Host an intimate al fresco dining experience or a crowd-pleasing bbq with outdoor dining tables of any size. When the sun sets, unwind while gathering around a fire table or keep the party going with an open bar.

Don’t forget the details! They are what adds whimsical fun or a sense of sophistication. Outdoor pillows, rugs, umbrellas, and lighting are what really makes your backyard come alive.

Relax and Enjoy

After waiting patiently through the winter months and performing all your hard work, it is now time to sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of your beautiful outdoor living space!

RST Brands™ announces Kelli Ellis as Brand Ambassador for Outdoor Products


Salt Lake City, UT Feb 24, 2017—

RST Brands is pleased to announce the signing of celebrity designer Kelli Ellis as its new outdoor living products Brand Ambassador.

The award-winning designer will be featured in a number of social and digital marketing campaigns, create styled outdoor spaces with RST Brand’s collections and represent RST Brands at select high profile industry events.

For years RST Brands has focused on bringing quality, comfort, value and style to market by launching a number of best-selling outdoor collections. “Our strategy has been focused on telling our story through the promotional vehicles with our retail partners,” said Lenny Vainberg, co-founder and RST Brand’s chief marketing officer. Vainberg added, “Kelli will help establish a strong presence within the design community, position RST Brands as the leader in quality, comfort, value and style for outdoor living in the online marketplace, and drive end user brand awareness.”

RST Brands outdoor collections include the popular Portofino™ available at Costco, Deco™, Cannes™, Knoxville™, and Barcelo™ modular outdoor collections which allow customers to quickly personalize their frame style and footprint with RST Brand’s patented fabric options. The collections also include RST Brand’s Resort Collection™ used for light commercial applications.
“I am delighted to be working with RST Brands, I have used its products in my designs for years! I am not only a fan but an owner of several pieces – the quality and style cannot be beat,” says Ellis.


Kelli Ellis is an Internationally recognized Designer, Artist, Licensee, Speaker, a founding partner of Design Campus, and Author of the best-selling Design Psychology Coaching book, Do I Look Skinny in this House? Kelli has been highlighted in national publications showcasing her design and collections in outdoor, furniture, fabric, lighting, rugs, tile and art.

Kelli has been featured in numerous publications, online and starred on television across the globe including BBC, SKY, LUXE, Elle Décor, Modern Luxury, Angeleno, Vegas Luxury, CA Homes and Design, Dwell, Domino, O Magazine, and Traditional Home Magazine. Beginning her career on TLC’S Clean Sweep to starring in HGTV’s Takeover My Makeover, Move or Improve, Celebrity Holiday Homes, and House Hunters Renovation. Kelli stars in her own show on The Design Network, Design Therapy. Working with many top names like HARPO, Dr. Oz, HGTV, TLC, Bravo, NBC, Clorox, AT&T, Ziploc, 3M, and many others as their Lifestyle Expert, Kelli is asked to speak around the world.


Launched in 2004, RST Brands is a designer, producer and direct fulfillment supplier of home and lifestyle products through the online marketplace.

RST Brands has evolved as the true market leader in online for outdoor living and home organization with its distinctive user-friendly Flow Wall® product line. Combining market leading design, style and value with successful methods for online sales, fulfillment and customer service, RST Brands is uniquely positioned to meet the strong customer demand from online industry giants, including:,,,,,, and RST Brand’s technology and operational infrastructure supports high velocity growth and unique fulfillment needs of the e-commerce channel.

Although best known for delivering curated designs for outdoor living and home organization—with an emphasis on modern design, quality, comfort, value and style—RST Brands recently expanded to encompass a broader portfolio of home and lifestyle collections that are marketed and sold to the end customer through its direct and e-commerce partners websites.

For more information about RST Brands please visit our website