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Tips For Designing Your Dream Patio


Summer is the best time of year to entertain and catch up on rest and relaxation. Do both in comfort and style by creating an outdoor patio that everyone will love. By following these helpful design tips, you can bring to life the patio of your dreams.

Tip #1: Determine Your Patio Goals

Before you can start the design process, you have to determine how you’ll use the space and what your goals are for the final product. Remember, the more specific you can be with your wants and needs, the better your final product will look. Sit down with your family or housemates and decide what you each want in an outdoor living space. Are you wanting to make your patio an extension of your living room or do you envision having an outdoor kitchen? Will your space be used more for personal or entertainment use? Once you’ve determined how your outdoor area will be used, you can start nailing down more specific design aspects.

Tip #2: Create A Compatible Area

If you don’t already have the patio or area on which you’ll develop your outdoor living space, you might consider hiring an architect, designer, or landscape specialist to ensure your project is safe and sound and meets all codes and regulations. Hiring a professional can also help you avoid common mistakes or problems by providing creative solutions to common missteps.

If you have a pre-existing patio or deck that you wish to makeover, be sure you prepare the area before adding any design elements. If the building materials are in relatively good shape, you might be able to get away with a thorough cleaning and a few coats of stain or paint. However, if your area needs a significant facelift, consider completely re-doing the area to ensure longevity and satisfaction.

Tip #3: Make A Plan

Get out your papers and crayons: it’s time to sketch your design plan. This will help you develop your ideas and work them out in a scaled, proportional manner. Be sure to also include elements that will add convenience to your area like electrical outlets, fans, entrances and exits, landscape features, etc. By having all of these ideas sketched out (even if your two-year-old could have done a better job) you’ll be able to better communicate with architects, contractors, designers, or even friends (if they are helping with the project) what you’re trying to achieve. You should sketch two views of your space:

  • A plan view is how your space will look from above. Here you’ll include how the space will be arranged, how much space will be between furniture, traffic patterns, and where your space is in relation to the house, yard, and surrounding environment.
  • An elevation view is a sketch shown from the side and should give you an idea of the scale of your vertical elements like railings and privacy fences.

Tip #4: Add Design Elements

Whether you’ve been collecting furnishings for your patio for months or haven’t even started, it’s important to have most of your design elements purchased and ready to go in order to really bring your patio to life. When shopping for your outdoor living area, consider these must-have pieces from RST Brands:

  • Outdoor chairs: Outdoor chairs are essential to your design. Choose from relaxing chaise loungers, sectionals, barstools, and club chairs to add unique seating in your space.
  • Outdoor Sofas and Sectionals: Sofas, loungers, and sectionals add style, class, and comfort to any outdoor living space and offer inviting seating options for you and your guests.
  • Outdoor dining: No party is complete without an outdoor dining set. Make yours stand out by choosing from unique options like a small, 4-person outdoor dining set or a large 9-piece set.
  • Fire tables: Add a spark of excitement to your outdoor living area with a stunning fire table. These tables enhance your area no matter if you’re having a nice, romantic evening for two or a neighborhood gathering for dozens.
  • Loungers: If R&R is what you’re after, a set of loungers is a must for complete relaxation.

Once you’ve covered all the bases, have fun adding accessories and personalized elements into your design. Consider things like patio umbrellas to add optimal style and shade or hammocks for added luxury and relaxation. Remember that your outdoor decor not only represents your personality, but it also defines your space and helps it achieve the look and feel you’re after, so have fun with it!

Tip #5: Bring Your Design to Life

After you (or your team of builders/designers) have created the foundation for your outdoor space, it’s time to bring in all of the design elements that make your dreams come to life. From the paint to the pillows, every design choice you make should be with the end goal and vision in mind.

Include natural elements like planters, trees, branches, and flowers to avoid the “showcase” look and make sure your landscape accentuates your design. More than anything, however, remember to have fun when designing your outdoor living space and make it yours.

Pick the Right Cushions for Your Outdoor Furniture for Lasting, Beautiful Results

If you’ve invested in outdoor furniture for all your summer barbecues and backyard parties, you’ll want to make sure your chairs and tables don’t get damaged by rain, sun, or snow. One of the best things you can do to protect your furniture is to choose the appropriate furniture covers and cushions. Here are some things to take into consideration before buying:


Outdoor furniture cushions are typically made out of more durable material than the standard sofa. Vinyl and plastic are popular materials for covers because they are inexpensive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best option for long-term use. Vinyl and plastic have to be replaced every couple of seasons due to their inability to hold up in extreme temperatures.

Your best bet for long-lasting, protective cushions and covers is to choose materials that are durable, UV resistant, and waterproof (not simply water-resistant).

Overall Quality

It’s tempting to find the least expensive cushions and just go with those, but outdoor furniture cushions are not the place to scrimp. The cushions that cost the least are typically those that will not be able to go the distance, which will result in more money spent in the long run.


The very best cushions are custom made to fit the unique curves and dimensions of your furniture. Though it might cost more to get cushioned that were designed for your specific furniture set, the results are great looking chairs, benches, and tables that will also be well covered, protected and comfortable. When your cushions match not only the measurements of each piece of furniture but the overall style and color scheme of your outdoor furniture, you can enjoy a cohesive, beautiful look for years to come and be proud to use your furniture time and time again.

Additional Features

There are many features available in outdoor furniture cushions. Some of these extras include leg ties, elastic hems, storage pockets, zippers, and various other closures. These extra features can add both aesthetic appeal and convenience by keeping cushions securely fastened despite the weather.


Outdoor furniture cushions can look just about any way you want them to look. There are many pattern and color options to suit any and every taste. Some people prefer a more neutral color so furniture blends in better with the surrounding landscaping, and others want their outdoor furniture to stand out with bold colors or various patterns and designs.


The texture of your cushions should be durable and strong but not uncomfortable or unappealing to look at. Abrasive cushions can damage the furniture they are meant to complement or make sitting on them downright unbearable. However, some extra fluffy cushions may not be able to withstand multiple uses without wearing out, so look for a good middle ground in texture and durability.

Consider Warranties

The best companies offer warranties when you purchase outdoor furniture cushions and covers. Hopefully, a warranty will never be needed, especially when buying a truly high-quality product, but it’s reassuring to have furniture cushions covered should some unexpected damage occur that would otherwise leave you with the cost of repair or replacement.