3 backyard amenities to inspire your design

23 February, 2015

Planning to completely overhaul your backyard design? With such a blank canvas, you may not know what to include in your dream plan. You have tons of options for transforming a boring backyard into the ultimate relaxation and entertainment space, so knowing where to begin can be hard. The way we see it, seeking inspiration is a good start. Watch out for ideas you love and consider copying them in your space. With that in mind, here are some amenities you may want to add to your design:

1. A loungeӬ
Sitting outside with a drink in your hand, a friend at your side and comfortable furniture underneath you is certainly a fun and relaxing way to spend your night. That’s why clubs create cushy lounges for their patrons to enjoy. However, you don’t have to go to a loud bar to enjoy a posh lounge setting – make one in your yard! 

To do so, you’ll need outdoor furniture sets that promote a relaxed and conversational atmosphere. Outdoor sectionals, sofas and coffee tables all support a lounge space. The furniture arrangement you choose should create an intimate area where guests can sit and chat comfortably – you won’t be as chatty if your space feels too open and exposed.

To help enclose your lounge, you could build a pergola for your patio and hang lights or drape fabric from the eaves. You can even add curtains to divide your lounge from other areas of your deck or patio.

2. A kitchen
Imagine hosting an outdoor dinner party in which you’re able to mingle with your guests while preparing food. If you have an outdoor kitchen, doing both things at once will be possible. These spaces can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but they need several things: counter space, a cooking range (either an actual oven and range or a grill) and a fridge. With these components, you can store, prep and cook food outdoors. 

Additionally, once you build your kitchen workspace, you’ll also need to set up a dining area – what’s the point of making the food outside if you have nowhere to enjoy it? Purchase outdoor dining sets for your yard that accommodate the number of people you plan to serve. What’s more, if the counter for your outdoor kitchen is high enough, you can even place bar stools in front of them for added seating. 

3. A garden
Reimagining your backyard space allows you to add whatever new features your budget allows, and a garden is pretty affordable. Whether you want to grow vegetables you can use in your new outdoor kitchen or flowers that bring color and life to your space, a garden lets you do so. 

If you want to add a garden, make sure it works with the other ideas you’d like to see in your yard. What with a lounge and outdoor kitchen, you might have to create a garden around the perimeter of your yard rather than add rows of beds in the middle.

Starting your backyard from scratch opens many options for your outdoor design. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you.