3 fall backyard decoration ideas

22 September, 2015

Now's the time to start doing a little fall decorating around the house and in the backyard. The season offers a new color palette, theme and inspiration for outdoor decorations. Show off your appreciation for autumn this year with these fall backyard decor ideas:

1. Fire fixtures
Firepits are wonderful during fall because they create warmth for the chilly evenings spent outside. It's entertaining to sit around the fire at night and share ghost stories while roasting marshmallows over the open flame. Help spruce up this space a little bit by incorporating fall adornments. For example, set a bowl of cinnamon sticks and pinecones on a nearby table to burn. These will release an autumnal smell while you're outside and provide a quaint decoration for the side table.

Outdoor fireplaces are another fixture that should be used to create attractive fall arrangements. Use the mantle to lay out a variety of small gourds and pumpkins with a garland woven among them. Other objects that would go well with the season include Indian corn, pinecones, acorns and vintage candle holders.

2. Dining space
Having meals outside is always enjoyable, but give your guests a sense of the season by adding a fall-inspired centerpiece to your outdoor dining set. Find a short, rustic vase and fill it with fall flowers. Sprinkle a few acorns or cinnamon sticks around the base of the container for a little extra flare.

Fall-themed candle holders are another good centerpiece option. For this idea, either use some old candle holders of get about three glass containers. Place a pillar candle inside the container, and then fill it halfway with corn kernels. Again, add some embellishments around the bottom of the containers by strewing walnuts or leaves across the table.

3. Furniture cushions
Cover your patio dining chairs and other outdoor furniture in autumn colors by switching out the covers or replacing the cushions. The new wraps will go well with the table centerpiece and other fall decor you have in the backyard. Sitting in vibrant autumn colors like Cadmium Orange, Marsala and Oak Buff will make you want to snuggle into your outdoor rocker with a warm mug of cocoa or coffee and a good book.

Along with decorating the backyard areas mentioned above, make sure you top off the look by hanging a fall wreath on your back door. With all these decorations in place, you'll be ready to host any outdoor event this season.