4 Steps to Pulling Off an Eclectic Living Room

14 December, 2017

Your living room tends to be the center of your home. It’s where you entertain guests, relax after a long day, enjoy conversation with friends, and even watch a little TV. No matter the activity, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with its design and that the space itself feels inviting.

A great way to embrace your creative side and add your personality to this important space is to go eclectic. Your living room furniture can still look organized and elegant without necessarily “matching.” In fact, a little mismatch here and there can add an element of interest-something that speaks to your family’s uniqueness (without being too distracting).

Here are four simple tips to create an original and effective look that doesn’t necessarily “match.”

1. Find a focal point

Mixing your furniture does not mean that your living room should not have focus. By finding the center, you can choose your furniture and your look much more effectively. Do you have a beautiful fireplace or a piece of art that will capture people’s attention? This focal point is a great place to start. Framed multi canvas art is a good way to draw attention, for example, helping to tie a room together and create a central eye-catcher. You could position your arm chairs and sofa using this central spot. That way, when guests sit on your furniture, their attention will be brought to the focal point, which can be a great conversation starter.

2. Think form and function

Before you set out to invest in accessories, such as TV bench (check out https://serp.co/best/tv-benches/ for reference), floor lighting or an area rug, you can visualize the layout (the form of your living room). You may find that after you add arm chairs and sofas you don’t have enough room. Think about how many people will normally use the living room and what you will normally use it for (it’s function). More doesn’t mean better. You don’t need to add a large number of pieces to the living room to give it personality; let the decor do that. If your living room is a small space choose furniture styles that are best for small spaces.

3. Choose your color scheme

Once you’ve found your focus and visualized your layout, you need to consider living room color schemes. One option is to work with your favorite color and add furniture in its different tones. For example, you could pair up a sky blue arm chair with an elegant teal blue sofa. Another option is to choose a bold color and mix and match your eclectic furniture with neutral colors. Either way, make sure that you choose colors that mix well together.

4. Eclectic does not mean “anything goes”

Just because you have decided to use a broad and diverse type of style, it doesn’t mean that you can just choose any furniture or accessory. Eclectic does not mean unorganized. In fact, it can look structured if planned well.

Make sure that you include a balanced mix. Visual balance is achieved by evening out visual weight and creating continuity where possible. For example, if you pair a tall legged mid-century modern sofa and a tall legged Victorian arm chair these pieces have visual continuity. You can pair thick and heavy styles of furniture with lighter pieces by balancing visual weight. For example a thick and heavy sofa could be balanced with one dense arm chair, or two armchairs in a less-dense style.

Your living room furniture does not always have to “match” to look elegant and stylish. Choosing different styles of furniture and opting for an eclectic look is one way to ensure that your living room is unique and visually interesting. Don’t forget to find a focal point, visualize the layout, choose a color scheme and plan carefully. If you follow these simple rules, your living room will soon become your favorite space in your house.