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5 Tips To Designing The Perfect Outdoor Patio

With summer in full swing, chances are you’re eager to spend as much time as possible outdoors. By reading these five tips, you can create the ideal outdoor space that has the look and feel you want, so you can design a patio that acts as an extension of your home and gives you the perfect excuse to spend time outdoors.

1. Use Fun Shapes

Even if all you have to work with are plain concrete pavers, add interest, depth and movement to your patio by playing with geometric shapes. Consider laying your pavers in sets going different directions to make a grid-like design or arrange them in a spiraling shape. If possible, incorporate colored round stones and different sizes of square stones to create unique illusions like a bubbling stream or rocky path. You can also use various shades of small slate and incorporate lush plants to create a versatile, relaxing space.

2. Include a Focal Point

By including a stunning focal point to your patio, you’ll add an element of elegance and sophistication that makes your area a place where you – and your guests – want to be. Consider the following focal points for your patio:

3. Protect Your Privacy

If your patio is exposed to your neighbors, incorporate methods to make your space feel extra private. You can install a simple canopy that shades patio furniture and has side blinds you can release to block neighboring views. Include a wall of planters near the back or side of your patio to create a calm, soothing edge, or build a stucco wall around your patio to give a permanent sense of privacy and intimacy.

4. Coordinate Colors

By coordinating colors, you can give your patio a well-thought-out look that is inviting and comforting. Pick out a bright patio umbrella or canopy that plays with the colors of surrounding plants and your outdoor furniture set. Include matching mosaic tile work in the inlay of outdoor patio accent tables or throughout the fountain that works with the main focal point and draws out the colors of your overall patio theme.

5. Don’t Skimp on Plants

Patios without plants seem bare and uninviting. Even if you don’t have a ton of outdoor space, you can still achieve a botanical-garden feel by concentrating all of your favorite plants around the edges of your patio. Choosing several lush plants will make your patio feel like you’ve landed in the middle of a beautiful garden, while viney plants add privacy and protection from weather. Select an array of hydrangeas and violas to highlight cottage-like gardens, or plant trees to get a natural, leafy canopy.

For more ideas on ways you can enhance your patio, or to shop an array of top-of-the-line patio furniture and decor, visit RST Brands, today.

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