5 tips for turning your backyard into a tropical haven

24 July, 2014

Heading to the beach is one of the joys of summer, but doing so isn't always convenient. Whether you live a ways from the nearest coastline or simply don't have the time to spare, you can bring a tropical atmosphere home. All it takes is a little ingenuity and few a strategies to transform your backyard into a beach-like haven. Here's how:

1. Rethink your landscaping
Beaches and tropical paradises have their own set of iconic flora. You can incorporate these plants into your backyard garden to give the space a cabana feel. Be on the lookout for hibiscus, palms, calla lilies, ferns and brugmansia. Additionally, try to add a lot of color to your garden. Bright hues have that summer look sure to add the right atmosphere to your backyard. 

Consider placing taller plants near the perimeter of your yard to create natural privacy barriers. Plant shorter flowers nearer to your deck that you can enjoy. You can even plant your tropical foliage in pots and place them on your porch or patio.

2. Purchase proper outdoor furniture
When you imagine your ideal tropical haven, it probably has plenty of lounge furniture. Whether you want to swing in a hammock bed while reading a book or enjoy a fruity cocktail on a cushy outdoor sofa, purchasing the right furniture pieces will allow you to achieve your dream. The more comfortable the furniture, the better. 

The appearance of your outdoor seating can also enhance your backyard cabana. For example, synthetic wicker (like the material used in the Deco Nine Piece Sectional & Club Seating Set) is sure to give your space a summery look. This material also resists fading caused by the sun, an important feature for summertime.

3. Provide plenty of shade
As you lay outside in your backyard beach-like area, you want to ensure you don't overheat. Your private tropical getaway should include shelter from the hot summer sun. Large umbrellas are a great option because they are effective at reducing your exposure to sunlight and they fit in with your tropical decor. You can purchase patio umbrellas that slide into outdoor dining tables or standalone models. The Portofino 10-Foot Resort Umbrella shades your yard without the need for a table as it features its very own patio umbrella base. 

4. Consider a water element
While you can't actually bring the beach to your yard, you can evoke the idea of it. The sound of rolling waves crashing upon the shore is an iconic feature of beaches, and it's a melody you can mimic. Consider adding a water element to your yard in whatever form you'd like. You can install a pool, build a fountain or add a trickling creek. The gentle gurgling of fountain features are sure to relax your mind as you lounge outside this summer. 

5. Add a fire pit
Nights spent on the beach huddled around a fire pit are certainly memorable ones, and you can recreate the experience at home. By placing a fire pit in your yard, you can enjoy your tropical scenery past sundown.