7 Tips to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Living Room

3 August, 2017

Picking out the best furniture for your living room isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Whether you’re trying to choose living room furniture for small spaces or large ones, it can be a challenging process. Now, it may be true that discount coupons for Ashley Furniture or other equally classy stores could come in handy to help save some money. Nevertheless, deciding on which pieces to choose can be tricky. Here are 7 tips to help you get started.

1. Consider the Space

Before heading out to do some shopping (because, let’s face it, that’s the best part of this process), you need to take a moment to consider your space. Have you given thought to what purpose you want your living room to serve? A sitting area? A gathering place? A combination of functions? Once you determine the purpose, finding furniture is much easier.

2. Keep Style in Mind

Interior designer or not, you have your own style. You may love contemporary styles or maybe you’re loyal to the classics. Whatever your style may be it dictates the pieces you choose to fill your home-make sure you stick with that style to maintain the flow of your house. Do you have a specific living room theme you’d like to keep with? Make an idea board with items that fit within your personal style, and use that to help keep you on track when purchasing furniture. It is possible that your old, existing furniture might work well in suiting your style requirements. If they are damaged, you can consult with one of your local Contents Restoration Services to fix them good as new. Antiques are in style these days, and this way, you might even save some money.

3. Measure the Room

Living room layout is key in helping determine the pieces of furniture you should choose for your space. Are you working with one giant room or perhaps a space that’s broken up a bit, or even an unconventional shape? Measure the space and keep those measurements handy to make sure you choose pieces that will fit in your space and not overwhelm it.

4. Stick with the Basics

Before you go crazy buying decor and pieces to fill your space, make sure you have accounted for the basics, like a couch, maybe a few sitting chairs, and a coffee table. Make a plan and make sure your room has the necessary furniture to allow it to function properly and serve the purpose you determined earlier.

5. Create a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, and your living room is no different. Even if you’re looking for living room furniture for small spaces, make sure you pick one piece to be the clear focus of the room, and organize everything else around that. The room may already have a focal point built in, as is often the case with a fireplace. Mantelpieces can provide an easy focal point that you can decorate with your best antique silver candlesticks or a contemporary mantel clock, and you can hang a mirror or family portrait above it. If the room has no focal point built in, consider a really nice couch, a set of patterned armchairs, or a really great bookcase. Finding the focal piece can help you build a theme and design for the entire room.

6. Don’t Forget Comfort

It’s easy to get caught up in creating a Pinterest-worthy space, but don’t forget to keep comfort in mind when choosing pieces for your living room, especially if you intend to spend a lot of time there. If buying online, it is a good idea to request fabric samples, so you can select an upholstery that you will be comfortable with. Also, consider the density of the cushions to assure you will enjoy sitting on your new furniture. You may find yourself thinking about how you are going to clean these soft furnishings, or whether you are going to turn to professionals who can give you clean furniture that looks brand new once they are done, to make sure that it looks its best at all times, as well as giving you the comfort you want.

7. Don’t Crowd the Room

When choosing furniture pieces for your living room, don’t forget that less is more. Overcrowding your space makes it look cluttered and can make it difficult for visitors to identify the purpose or focal point of the room. Keep with the living room essentials and choose only chairs and sofa styles that fit within the space to keep the room feeling fresh, clean, and airy.

Worry No More

You no longer have any reason to fret over choosing furniture for your living room. Rely on these 7 simple tips to help you through the process, and you’ll come out with pieces you’ll love.