Best outdoor furniture sets for creating a backyard getaway

28 July, 2014

While you probably would like to hop on a plane and zoom off to your favorite destination on a whim, such spontaneity, unfortunately, isn’t practical. Between family and work commitments, you can’t really go on vacation whenever the mood strikes you. You can, however, step into your backyard. By transforming your patio into a veritable resort, you can take a hiatus from life right on your own property. Of course, to transform your space into the destination of your choice, you’ll need some amazing outdoor furniture sets. Here are a few ideas of which pieces to buy according to the location you want to recreate:

Imagine sitting on a balcony overlooking the Italian city of Florence. Sounds like a great vacation, right? While you won’t be able to peer over ancient red- and ivory-stone buildings from your yard, you can create the same ambiance. Florence is packed with Renaissance architecture, ornate art, and warm colors. Your backyard will need a bit of a facelift to match the majesty. Consider getting a stone patio and outdoor fireplace. However, to make the space really cozy and full of Florence-inspired romance, you’ll need the right outdoor furniture. It is even better if you are spending this time with someone you love, what could be more romantic than a faux-Florence in your backyard, just you two, wine, food, maybe some True Pheromones products as well? The possibilities are endless for a romantic night under the stars without the huge price tag. Your furniture will need to complement that.

Astoria Collection: This amalgam of luxury furniture pieces is the perfect set for creating a taste of Italy in your yard. Built with lightweight aluminum, the seating frames have a rustic dark-metal look. The seat cushions are waterproof and comfortable, allowing you to lounge your way to relaxation. When you select pieces from the Astoria Collection, you have the choice of several fabric colors. We recommend you go with Tikka, which is a burnt orange hue, to match the tones of Florence. 

The Greek coastline is a stunning site, with crystal blue waters, white stucco buildings and domed roofs. The cliffsides overlooking the Mediterranean Sea provide the coastal villages with a stacked look. Were your yard near the sea, you’d look out onto the waters while sitting comfortably. Your backyard can feel a little more like a Greek getaway if you add the right elements. Think coastal when you design your landscaping and select furniture. You can even draw inspiration from classic Greek architecture! As for your outdoor seating, we recommend:

Cannes Collection: This set of furniture is made of aluminum and hand-woven polyethylene rattan wicker. The pieces are lightweight and maintenance-free. Overall, the furniture in the Cannes Collection looks like it belongs near a sea or ocean. If you want to capture the look of the Greek coastline, select the Bliss color scheme. The light blue and gray tones mirror the look of the ocean. The fabric is all waterproof and made of 100 percent recycled materials.

Cayman Islands
If you’re more of a tropical islander than a European traveler, then you may imagine being whisked off to the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are a warm paradise defined by sand beaches, crystal waters and blue skies. Turn you backyard into a cabana by selecting the right furniture.

Resort Collection: Made of polyethylene rattan wicker and aluminum, the Resort Collection from RST Brands has the cabana look. The furniture and cushions are resistant to water and ultraviolet rays, making them a durable choice.