Bring Pantone’s spring 2015 collection to your backyard

21 January, 2015

The color masters at Pantone search far and wide each winter to predict the imminent "it" colors of spring, perusing designer sketches, staking out at fashion shows and scouring interior design trends. This year, they say their spring collection "takes its cue from nature rather than being reinvented or mechanically manipulated," meaning that your backyard is the perfect place to bring these colors to life. Spring ushers in fresh flowers and new opportunities for landscaping, while pavers, outdoor furniture and backyard accessories can be rendered in almost any color you can dream up. Why not incorporate these spectacular shades into your landscaping? After sifting through Pantone's colors ourselves, we rounded up a few of our favorites:

Lavender Herb
The list of ways to incorporate the color lavender into your backyard is nearly limitless: You can add potted plants of lavender, grow beds of soft purple blooms, or a add a lavender rug underneath your outdoor coffee table.

Now here's a color you don't even have to try to incorporate into your yard – this plant-green color is probably already carpeting your backyard and sprouting from the branches of your trees. This color choice couldn't be more apt for spring. After all, it is the season that paints the landscape green again.

Glacier Grey
Borrowed from last year's list of spring shades, this light grey is icy without seeming overly cold. You incorporate it with stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances, outdoor sofa cushions or even bright grey pool tiles. 

Toasted Almond
The most neutral of Pantone's spring collection is toasted almond, an almost-beige color that looks good when paired with almost any other hue. Though you probably won't choose this as your statement color, the natural, earthy shade makes a great base to build from. 

Lucite green
Not quite seafoam, this soft shade of green isn't as saturated as Treetop. It is, however, somewhat similar to mint. Its subdued nature means it will brighten up your backyard without totally overpowering it.

While the name aquamarine might seem almost tropical, it's actually a soft shade that borders on pastel. Forget-me-nots are just one example of light blue flowers you can add to your landscaping come spring, but the color also makes a fabulous choice for outdoor furniture.

This hue, roughly the color of moss, is one of the few colors out there that manages to be both neutral and eye-popping at the same time. Choose outdoor sofas in this color to make your backyard earthy and calming, or make it an accent by pairing it with a deep purple. 

Classic blue
Almost nautical by nature, classic blue is shade that never goes out of vogue. It transitions well from season to season, meaning that it's a safe color to choose for your larger, more permanent backyard elements. One idea: Use it to color the floor and walls of your pool. It will make it look far deeper than it actually is.

Pantone had a few other colors on their list, like Strawberry Ice, Custard, and their color of the year, Marsala, all of which look equally gorgeous in the backyard.