Choosing the right water feature for your backyard patio

16 March, 2015

Once you’ve set up your outdoor lounge with the patio furniture or dining set that best reflects your particular style, it’s time to add a water feature. There are a variety of options for adding a water feature that you can choose from, so it’s best to carefully weigh your choices and consider your desired environment before making a final decision. Whereas a birdbath or pond can create a peaceful and reflective environment for mediation, yoga or simply contemplating your day, a fountain or waterfall adds a dynamic sense of movement and sound that helps drown out the busy world beyond the yard.

Below are some aquatic options to help provide the calming qualities or soothing sounds of water in your backyard:

A birdbath invites birds of all colors and stripes to rest their weary wings and splash around for a bit. If you’re particularly fond of birdwatching, installing a place for the birds to bathe themselves is the right choice for you. Not only do birdbaths allow for unique wildlife sights, but having the birds chirping away can add a beautiful melodic feature to your backyard patio.

If you are interested in learning how to build a pondless waterfall, you can check out YouTube tutorials or blogs that speak about the same. From simple ponds dug by hand to more elaborately landscaped ones with fish and lily pads, an in-ground water feature provides a tranquil escape for reflection or introspection. No matter the size of the pond, consider accentuating it with plants and flowers of your choosing. Relaxing in your hammock next to your backyard pond can make for an exceptionally relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Several types of outdoor fountains exist that you can neatly display in your backyard. Bubbling fountains push water up through a hole in the basin that then silently retreats back down into the basin from which it came. A spilling fountain spouts water that drops directly into the basin. And jet-style fountains utilize pressurized water that shoots out of and then back into a basin. Combinations of these different types of fountains also exist. Not only do fountains come with a variety of water-manipulation methods, but they also come in all sorts of styles too, such as classical, modern or rustic. Be sure to choose one that best matches your patio furniture collection.

If the fountain isn’t enough flowing water for you, upgrade it to a waterfall. These create a more prominent water flow and can truly transform your backyard into a foreign and exotic place. You can choose between a formal or informal waterfall too. A formal waterfall uses straight lines and well-carved features, while an informal waterfall looks like something you’d find in nature. When combined with a pond, the two water features can make for an absolutely stunning landscape.

By strategically placing your comfy patio chairs or loungers near your water feature, you can enjoy the tranquility or gentle lapping sounds these unique backyard accessories provide. But always be sure to consult landscaping or construction professionals if you plan on installing a waterfall or a larger pond, as these features will require technical expertise.