Common mistakes when choosing patio furniture

5 November, 2014

We've all made a few mistakes in our day (adding salt instead of sugar to pie, speeding through a yellow light, etc.), and those mishaps may even have occurred in your design choices. However, we have the experience of other homeowners to help us avoid decorating don'ts – lucky us! As you consider ideas for your outdoor living spaces, get to know the common errors people make so you can avoid them. Here are some pretty prevalent mistakes when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture sets, and how you can dodge the bullet:

Not buying outdoor specific pieces
It may seem like a no-brainer to purchase outdoor furniture for your patio, but some homeowners failed to purchase the right pieces. Furniture designed for outdoor use is much more durable than indoor items. They are built to withstand certain weather conditions, such as sunlight and rain. If you put an indoor piece on your deck, it won't last very long. So step one of purchasing outdoor seating should always be to ensure you're getting the right type of item.

Getting distracted by upholstery
We love a great cushion cover as much as the next person, but we don't think color should be your No. 1 priority. Too many times, homeowners waltz into a furniture store and let the clerk take their mind off quality by presenting lovely upholstery options. Take a hint from architect Louis Sullivan who said "form ever follows function." The famous anecdote basically means that the appearance of something should always come second to its function. Feel free to pick beautiful colors and patterns for your furniture, but only after you've found a quality piece.

Failing to research
Whenever you make a big purchase, you should research. You probably looked into schools, local landmarks and cost of living when you decided where to live. Put that same determined gusto into picking outdoor furniture. The items you pick should have weather-resistant cushions. Their frames must be strong and long-lasting. Read into the materials the furniture features and you'll be on your way to picking up a great piece sure to serve you for a lifetime. 

Not reading shipping options
Buying furniture on the Web means the pieces will be delivered. You want to know your options here, whether you'll have to perform assembly and when items will arrive. When it comes to RST Brands, we'll ask you to set up a time with us. That way, we'll know your furniture made it safely into the right hands. Furthermore, most of our items come fully assembled. However, a couple of pieces require minor adjustments upon delivery. 

Not thinking of the big picture
Now that we've covered the important mistakes, we can talk about appearance. While construction, delivery and research are all big when it comes to buying outdoor furniture, style is valuable too. Make sure the items you ultimately choose match the color and scheme of your yard. That way, your deck will have a cohesive look that makes you feel right at home.