Create a private patio oasis with these ideas

28 May, 2014

Your patio can be the perfect spot for entertaining, but it can also be a serene retreat when you're looking for some seclusion. Transform your backyard into the perfect private spot for relaxation with any of these ideas:

Install a pergola
Pergolas not only promote privacy, they can enhance the look of the overall space. They allows you to hang greenery, flowers or even stringed lights for a beautiful ambiance. The pergola will also help to shade you and your guests from the sun to stay cool and comfortable.

Plant trees and bushes
Looking for a way to help out the environment and enclose your patio? Consider planting a row of trees or bushes, which are a natural way to separate your yard and patio from your neighbor's. Shrubs should be planted at least 1 foot apart in order to have enough space to properly grow. Use sharp shears to keep your trees and bushes looking clean and pristine.

Opt for a lattice wall
Choose one or a few areas of your patio to place a lattice wall. This won't make your patio feel stuffy, but still helps the space feel secluded. Grow vines or flowers across the lattice for a stunning focal point on your patio.

Try a stone wall
Outdoor fireplaces can easily be incorporated on your patio with a stone wall. The stone will keep your backyard looking cool and modern while offering privacy, and the fire will provide warmth for you and your guests.

Use fountains
Having beautiful fountains of water on your patio not only helps to promote serenity and relaxation, it can easily drown out the noises from your neighbors. If they happen to be sitting outside, the water will be loud enough to muddle their conversation.