Spend more time outdoors to reduce energy consumption

10 March, 2014

During the winter people spends lots of time indoors, and who can blame them when the temperature dips below zero? But using electrical-powered items in the home increases your carbon footprint over time. So try to carve out some family bonding sessions while enjoying the outdoors once spring comes around. You don't have to go far – your backyard is the perfect place. Here are some eco-friendly activities to take part in this spring and summer: 

Every now and then you should cook outdoors instead of inside on your stovetop. Fire up your grill and cook tasty burgers and hot dogs. If you're a foodie, you can expand your menu from there. Roasted vegetables taste great when made on the grill, and some people even bake sweet treats like peach cobbler on their outdoor cooktop. Plus, when you eat dinner on your patio bistro set you won't need to turn on the lights in your home, making your meal extra eco-friendly.

Lounging on your patio
You won't be tempted to spend time on your patio unless it's comfortable. If you have a big family, select outdoor sectionals. You'll have tons of room for everyone to gather and talk about their day or their plans for the season. Make your patio feel like an extension of your home with an outdoor rocker, which is perfect to rock a baby to sleep.

Laying in the hammock
There is nothing better than spending an afternoon in a patio hammock. All your worries will melt away as you drift off to sleep in this ultimate lounger. These days you don't even need two trees – hammocks are available with their own stand and come in a range of colorful prints and patterns.

Playing a board game
Board games are tons of fun, yet don't increase your carbon footprint. Pick up a range of game sets so your family has a variety of options to keep them busy while enjoying the fresh air. You might want to organize a weekly chess tournament to see who comes out on top.

To ensure that you spend more time outdoors, you can even pick up an eco-friendly hobby like gardening. Use the upcoming spring season to beautify your outdoor space. You are already bringing in new outdoor furniture sets, so it's time to revamp the rest of your backyard. Plant a mix of greenery and colorful botanicals like roses and orchids.