Enhance your swimming pool with these ideas

23 May, 2014

A swimming pool is the perfect addition to your backyard – it offers a place to cool off, relax and exercise. It also enhances the overall look of your patio by providing gorgeous color and a serene vibe. There are ways to make your poolside patio look even more luxurious, however. Consider these tips to enhance your pool:

Surround it with chaise lounge chairs
Emulate the look of a fancy poolside hotel by placing chaise lounge chairs around the perimeter of the pool. It offers a place for you and your guests to relax, chat or sunbathe. Choose comfortable cushions for each chair and opt for a color that coordinates with the rest of your patio design.

Add a tanning shelf
Looking for a way to stay cool and sunbathe at the same time? Add a tanning shelf to your pool – the shelf is typically 5 to 8 inches deep, located at the entry of your pool. It can be as large or as small of a space as you would like. This is a great area to sit and chat with guests while enjoying the cool, refreshing water. It’s also a great space to put lounge chairs – you can dip your feet in the water as you read a book or take a quick nap.

Set a cleaning schedule
There is nothing less appealing than a pool filled with twigs, leaves and other miscellaneous items. Cleaning your pool regularly is essential to the entire look of your patio. Always have a net nearby to pick out any large items that may fall into the water.

Add a heating system
On cooler days you still want to make the most out of your pool so installing things like Swimming Pool Heat Pumps will make sure that the pool is heated during the cooler months and cold during the summer heat, so you can enjoy the benefits of your pool all year round.

Install creative lighting
Make night swimming much more enjoyable and relaxing by putting lights into your pool. This helps show off the area when the sun goes down and makes it safer to walk around and swim. Opt for LED lights in your swimming pool – they offer a soft glow throughout your pool and can even be customized to different color settings.

Place a firepit nearby
Firepits are great for entertaining, but they can also offer warmth and light to late-night swimmers. Place your firepit nearby your pool and provide plenty of outdoor seating so guests can gather around the fire and converse with anyone who may be in the pool.

Have a swim-up bar
With a swim-up bar, you and your guests don’t have to get out of the pool to grab a refreshing drink or get a snack. Set up a small bar near your kitchen area so that people out of the pool can provide food and drinks and converse with those that are swimming.

Implement an additional water feature
If your pool is spacious enough, consider putting a fountain in the middle of your pool to create a dramatic focal point. You can consider a small waterfall that gently trickles into your pool and produces relaxing sound effects. If need be, you can also get in touch with your local swimming pool contractors who can complete your requirements within a specific period of time.

Use greenery
Introduce lots of greenery and colorful flowers around your pool for a tranquil garden-like oasis. Just avoid planting anything with large roots that could affect the structure of your pool.