Enjoy your very own indoor-outdoor bar

18 March, 2014

Is your backyard made for entertaining? Do your guests love to lounge on your beautiful outdoor furniture with a refreshing drink in hand? Why not consider creating an indoor-outdoor bar for your friends and family to enjoy! If your outdoor space doesn't offer an easy transition from your kitchen to your deck or patio, try some of the options below to create the ideal drink station for an evening outdoors:

Walk-up window
If you are lucky enough to have a window overlooking your gorgeous outdoor entertaining area, try adding a countertop or serving bar on the patio side of that window! It will become the perfect spot to hand out delicious drinks and serving platters of finger foods. You can also seat your kids for a snack on bar stools, and the window above will make cleanup easy and efficient.

Banquette bar
For a special surprise, try turning your porch's banquette seats into a hidden bar! You can install a cushioned banquette on your porch and include hinged lids to provide decorative storage. Put that space to good use by storing festive plastic drinking glasses, shakers and trays that will be protected from the elements but still within reach if you and your guests want to enjoy a backyard cocktail.

Table cooler
To really cater to your guests as you enjoy some time in your backyard retreat, offer them a cooler built into your patio furniture! You can do this project yourself or hire a carpenter, but it's easy to do and the results will surely impress. Remove a panel or two from the center of your wooden patio table, install a planter box in its place, and fill it with ice. Voila! You have just created a fantastic focal point that lets you relax with your friends and family, versus having to get up to serve everyone drinks.