3 ways to celebrate the summer solstice

23 June, 2014

Our planet will hit one of its four apexes in its annual trip around the sun in a few days. On Saturday, June 21, the northern hemisphere will experience the longest day of the year. This occurrence, caused by the sun reaching it's northernmost point in our orbit around it, marks the official beginning of summer. The solstice marks the perfect opportunity to usher in summer alongside friends and family, and the extended daylight means you'll have more than enough time to celebrate. Check out our suggestions for how to ensure you start this summer off on the right note with a solstice to remember.

Beach day
Extra daylight means extra sunshine, and that sounds like the perfect excuse to hit the beach to us. Take the kids, friends or whomever down to the water and enjoy the extra hours of leisure time. One of the best things about this year's solstice is that it falls on a Saturday, so you won't have to worry about balancing time between work and play. And, with all that extra daylight, going to the beach doesn't necessarily have to occupy your whole day. Odds are, by the time you get back, you'll still have time for a host of evening activities.

Eat outside
Use the extended daylight as an excuse to eat outside. If you get back from the beach in the early evening, then odds are you'll have plenty of daylight to prepare dinner. In the spirit of a summer Saturday, you need not make the meal anything terribly involved. Given the occasion of the solstice, however, try to make the presentation reflect the nature of the season. Our Astoria dining set comes in a vibrant Tikka finish that captures the orange and golds of summer perfectly. Try matching or contrasting its orange hue with a lightly colored or pastel tablecloth to take the theme even a bit further. In keeping with the summery theme being conveyed through presentation, consider serving  inherently summery foods: watermelon, corn on the cob, etc.

Entertainment, naturally
It's far too easy in the winter to get caught up in the notion that all entertainment has to be from some sort of inorganic source: television, movies, etc. Celebrate the arrival of the beautiful season by spending your evening enjoying natural entertainment. Relax on the lawn or near the pool on one of our Portofino chaise lounges and take in the stars after the sunset, or, if the insect population allows for it, teach the kids how to catch fireflies. No matter what you ultimately decide to do, just make sure that you welcome in the season by taking advantage of the beautiful weather.