Backyard features that make party hosting a cinch

19 August, 2014

Hosting parties outside is one of the joys of warmer months, but your backyard may not be equipped for the job. Or at least, your yard could have more elements that make it the ultimate entertaining space. Check out these ideas for cool outdoor living features sure to make your home the place to party:

Covered getaways
Unfortunately, weather is a fickle friend that often promises sunshine but delivers rain. However, your outdoor party doesn't have to be derailed by another atmospheric temper tantrum. If you have a covered porch, you're in luck! Simply move the party beneath your roof and you'll be able to continue the pleasantries. 

Whenever you do host an event in your yard, make sure the porch is ready to go. That means arranging your outdoor furniture sets in a way that's conducive to mingling (i.e., your outdoor lounge chairs are facing one another and you've set out an end table to hold drinks). 

Pass-through windows
When you host a party, you likely dart between your home's interior and exterior, grabbing more food and delivering it to guests. That whole process can be streamlined if you have a well-placed window. If a window connects the kitchen to your patio, you can turn it into a pass-through opening. Take off the screens during the party and leave the window open. Then, simply hand trays of food and pitchers of drinks to the guests on the other side. 

Of course, you can always do a little remodeling to enhance the pass-through. Create a bar or shelf upon which you can set down drinks or leave a platter of food. Install windows that open all the way so you have more space. Finally, set bar stools beneath the new counter – guests will be able to sit by the window and chat while you prep appetizers.

Looking for bar stools meant to withstand outside life? Check out RST Brands' Portofino Three-Piece Bistro Bar Set. Made of aluminum and rattan wicker, the furniture in this set is durable and stylish. 

Multiple light sources
Outdoor spaces can feel just as cozy or romantic as indoor ones with the help of good lighting. Once the sun goes down, you want your guests to continue enjoying their evening, so don't overlook lighting when planning your outdoor design. For the best aesthetic feel, make sure you have three potential light sources. For instance, the wall sconces on the side of your home can be one, overhanging string lights may be another, and your outdoor fireplaces could act as the third. Finally, never underestimate the power of a well-placed candle.

Hidden hangouts
Many guests may like having the option to sneak off to some cozy corner of your yard. Provide the opportunity by setting up outdoor seating in a remote section of your backyard. A handful of people might have a deep conversation while lounging apart from the bulk of the party. Make sure the space feels private and relaxed. You might plant tall grasses or flowers to keep the area tucked away.