Choosing the right lounger

23 June, 2014

Not enough people realize that relaxation can be a lot of work. Of course, it's not the actual act of relaxation, but rather, the preparation to do so that can be so trying. Setting up your space, in particular, can present a great deal of difficulty to even the most experienced relaxer. You want the atmosphere to be casual and yet at the same time convey an air of class and taste. Ensuring that you have the ideal setting in which to go about your leisure time can be somewhat daunting, but the reward of settling into a carefully constructed environment of tranquility is well worth it. In the summer, relaxation starts outside; whether that's by the pool, the patio or just in the backyard, consider the following factors to ensure you're choosing the right lounger for your at-home getaway.

Color and contrast
Part of constructing a relaxing environment is ensuring continuity; clashing color schemes or design styles can draw the mind away from the ultimate goal of finding rest and repose. With this in mind, it's important to ensure that any lounger you select  integrates well into the preestablished color scheme you've created. The odds are that if you're selecting loungers for the poolside, you'll want to select a color on the lighter end of the spectrum. Consider, then, the Portofino Chaise Set in Newport Blue. The light hue of the cushions will complement any aquatic setting well, and the white wicker base of the chair offers an elegant look which distinguishes your poolside retreat.

Construction and shape
Not all loungers convey the same message. While the general aim of any of these chairs is to present a relaxing setting, consider what the differences in construction and shape say about the scene in which they're placed. While a lounger with a flat, more horizontal shape may be inviting for those looking for a nap or a place to read, those with a slightly more upright design can be better for those looking to tan, enjoy a drink or just talk. Our orbital loungers offer a unique reclining experience which pairs perfectly with the company of others. They come in a light pastel green, offering an active vibe while still providing a comfortable place to unwind.

The items around your lounger say almost as much about your area of relaxation as the chair itself. If the look that you're going for is one of rest and repose, then you might do well to place an umbrella over the seating area. The shade will make an outdoor nap even more inviting during the dog days of summer. For those looking to create a setting more conducive to conversation or socializing, try arranging your loungers around an accent table. Scatter a few beach reads across the top of the table as conversation starters. Consider putting a deck of cards or some small, simple game there as well to make the area more group-friendly.