Decorating for the pool

19 June, 2014

The summer solstice will arrive June 21, and following closely behind it will be seemingly endless opportunities to spend time near the pool. Whether you're entertaining guests, getting the kids out of the house or just relaxing yourself, being able to spend some time on the water is one of the most enjoyable traits of the warm season. Regardless of what you're occasion is for hosting, though, you want to make sure that your pool stands out. The increased time spent outdoors gives you a chance to showcase your creative decorative flair by outfitting your backyard getaway in your own style. Take a look at these tips and make sure you have the perfect setting for all the dog days of summer:

Too often our impression of an otherwise lovely poolside setting is tainted by the fact that it appears entirely too manmade. The artificial nature of having a pool put in your yard can cause the overall image of the space to seem disjointed, but it need not be this way. Accenting your pool with foliage can help it blend seamlessly into your yard while still allowing it to maintain a distinct and memorable look. Building a garden of tall grasses along one side of your lap pool can make it feel like an exotic river. Similarly, a more traditional swimming pool would look marvelous with some rows of lilies set a few feet back from it on two or three sides. 

While having a pool house is luxurious and offers the opportunity to design a space analogous to an open-air living room, some properties won't necessarily have enough room to accommodate one. Whether or not your pool has one, though, you'll still be able to create an image of class and taste through careful selection of poolside furniture. Having enough comfortable seating for all your guests turns a pool from a pretty sight to a perfect area to host. Our luxury Astoria patio outdoor furniture sets add a bit of simple elegance to your poolside while still maintaining a casual atmosphere. If you're looking for something a little bit more versatile, consider our loungers. They're perfect for the pool, the patio or even just the backyard.

Involve the other senses
Obviously, a pool is meant to be experienced on a physical level, but there's more to the presentation than what your guests can actually feel. Flowers can add to the sensory enjoyment of your poolside by providing color and olfactory pleasantries, but people rarely cater to the other senses when decorating. Finding ways to impact what your guests hear when they approach the water can be beneficial as well. Adding one or two fountains near the edges of the pool can create an atmosphere that conveys the enjoyment of water before anyone's even taken a dip. If you have a garden surrounding the pool and can partially conceal the fountains, all the better. The slight disorientation of not knowing where the sound is coming from will make your pool and your yard as a whole seem more vast.