Have a seat: Using seating to make your home more inviting

19 June, 2014

We've all got our favorite pieces of furniture or decor – those little details that really draw a room together. Perhaps it's a painting or a vase. It could be that old bookcase you inherited from your mother. We love these items because they lend a certain warmth to the room that the space might otherwise go without. Often, though, it's the objects that you and your guests actually come into contact with that have the greatest impact on the way a space is received.They make others feel welcome and at ease, and they give us a sense of ownership over the design and the energy of the spaces that they inhabit.  Here's how to use seating to make your home more inviting:

Make it a happier hour
More often than not, the secret to truly enjoying a drink with friends isn't so much what you're drinking but the environment in which you're gathered. You want it to be warm and intimate without being overbearing or feeling forced. RST Brands' Melrose Maple Bar Stools can help you turn any counter or table into an impromptu bar that your guests are sure to love. When the weather is nice, try using some of our outdoor line of bar stools. Place them near the pool, the picnic table or on the deck to bring added ambience to a beautiful day.

The more the merrier
Summer brings with it a heightened capacity to entertain outside. It's one of the pleasures of the season, but we all know what it's like to get stuck on a weathered and broken lawn chair. make sure you have comfortable seating for whomever you're hosting with our Cantina Sectional & Club Set. This nine-piece set sports beautiful, weatherproof foam cushions along its multiple sofas and chairs as well as two different sized tables. Your guests are sure to love this sets warm color scheme.

On the water
Depending on where you call home, summer may be the only time of year that that the weather allows for enjoyment of the water.  Of course, you don't need to get soaked to benefit from it. Offer an option to those who enjoy the ambience but prefer to stay out of the splash zone with our Deco Cantina Chaise Lounges. A versatile look make them appropriate for any waterfront setting. Set them near the pool, the pond or the lake to instantly add a level of class and charm  to any and all guests.