Safety tips for your backyard firepit

2 September, 2014

When designing the outdoor space of your home, there are important safety tips that you should follow. You will need to take extra precaution when installing firetables, bowls or pits so that you can enjoy a peaceful fire-cooked meal under the moonlight. These will likely affect your backyard design and installation details. Read the tips below carefully before construction begins. Firepits are a wonderful backyard feature, so ensure that yours will be safe to enjoy for years to come.

The firepit
The actual design of the firepit can have a large impact on the layout of your patio, or the health of your trees. Choose between a firetable or a firepit to help organize design plans. Firetables are often very heavy, requiring a little effort to change their location.

When laying the ground work for any firepit, the base should be level and sturdy. A stone patio is the ideal location – do not place it on a wood deck. This level placement is important for both firetables and firepits, because if there is any tilt cinders could possibly fall out of the pit. Falling cinder can pose a danger to those gathered round the fire, or any nearby backyard furniture or plants. 

If you either do not have a backyard patio already, or do not want to build one, install a large cement or stone riser in the seating section of the yard. Use a level to make sure that the fire bowl will rest evenly atop the riser. A great option for this small instillation is the RST Brands Aura Copper Fire Bowl. Not only is it designed to suit any backyard style, but its mesh screen allows you the freedom to walk away from the fire and not worry about any potential danger.

In terms of where you should place your fire bowl, designate a position that is not underneath any low-hanging trees. There should be a clearance of at least 4 feet above and to the side of the the firepit area and at least 10 feet between the pit and the nearest house wall. When it comes to plantings, choose to place the fire bowl near flowers that will not be affected by the strong heat that your RST Brands fire bowl will emit. This could be any tropical or desert plant that is accustomed to heat. Greenery that is not used to intense environments could suffer burns or be unnecessarily stressed. 

In terms of furniture, choose products that are made of metal like the RST Brands Astoria Armless Chairs. These are made with high-quality powder-coated aluminum. These will not only be safe from any cinder burns, but they will also last through years of weathering. The point of installing a firepit of bowl is to gather family around the warmth. Choose a set of furniture that will allow you to bring everyone into the fire circle, like the RST Brands Astoria 8 Piece Sofa and Club set. This will seat the whole family, with enough room for friends and neighbors too. 

It is important that you treat your firepit well by using only properly dried and seasoned wood. This will keep any chemicals that may be in bad wood from staining your pit as the fire smokes. Also, make sure your wood is not poking out from the pit's sides. Choose wood that is at least a few inches shorter than the pit's diameter. When lighting the wood, do not use lighter fluid, kerosene or gas. You should take a few notes from the Boy Scouts and light the fire with kindling and newspaper. 

Be sure to know where a hose or bucket of sand is at all times in case your fire gets out of control. Remember, to enjoy your fire you must also feel safe.