Throw a Great Backyard Party This Year With These 6 Tips

7 April, 2016

On a warm evening, there’s nothing better than entertaining close friends in the backyard. Just being outside makes for an enjoyable event all by itself, but with a few added touches you can elevate the party to new heights.

Make sure your backyard party this year is one for the record books with these 6 tips.


Tip 1. Prep your porch and backyard

You’ve got to make your backyard look good, and that’s most likely going to require a little prep work. Start by mowing the lawn, pruning the bushes, and making sure the landscaping is looking its best.

To prepare your backyard deck, first make sure it is in excellent shape structurally, with no broken railings or nails poking out causing a safety risk. Additionally, check for rotting or warped wood, especially if it’s part of your deck’s support system.

After you’ve inspected your deck, sweep it off and spray off any remaining debris with a hose.


Tip 2. Make sure there’s plenty of shade

Even in the evening when the sun is going down, direct sunlight can make your guests uncomfortable and overly hot. To ensure everyone is comfortable, put up an extra awning, canopy, or umbrella. In addition to the added shade, these coverings can add a lot of character to your backyard and improve the overall feel and design.


Tip 3. Have comfortable seating, and lots of it

Compared with indoor furniture, outdoor chairs and benches can sometimes be little less comfortable. You want your guests to have plenty of comfy seating options, so bring out some extra cushions and pillows for your outdoor furniture, as well as some throws and blankets. Consider utilizing some of your indoor chairs as well, so there are many options for guests to sit and mingle.

For a less formal atmosphere, put some blankets and pillows down on the grass as another option for seating. Or if you plan on having a fire pit, incorporate some fun camping seating such as tree stumps and logs.

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Tip 4. Decorate around a specific theme

There are so many ways you can make your backyard party fun and special. One great way is to choose a theme and base all your decorations around it. For example, throw a backyard luau and incorporate tropical decorations, or go with a fiesta theme.

Choosing a theme for your party will also help you decide on what food and refreshments to serve. Margaritas will be great for your fiesta, and Mai Tais or coconut drinks are perfect for your backyard luau.


Tip 5. Have lots of water

No matter what drinks you serve, be sure to keep your guests safe from dehydration and heat exhaustion by providing them with lots of water. Have a big cooler full of ice cold water bottles, or keep several pitchers of water continuously filled to the top. Those hot summer nights are always more enjoyable with a glass of ice water, and good conversation with friends.


Tip 6. Make your own custom music playlist, or have guests contribute to it

The soundtrack to your backyard party will have a big impact on the atmosphere, so be sure to set up a speaker or two and provide music for your guests. Are you planning on high-energy with possible dancing? Customize your own upbeat playlist. Or if you’re looking for something more relaxing, choose some mellow tunes to play throughout the evening that will be great background music without interfering with conversation.

You can also create a shared, collaborative playlist (Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have great ways of doing this) so guests can “make requests” throughout the night. This adds some spontaneity to the proceedings, and is great at sparking conversation and adding extra fun to the party.


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