Using a garden to accent summer events

25 June, 2014

One of the most underused opportunities that summer provides is the potential to cultivate a garden. It certainly requires a fair amount of effort and planning to begin, but the undertaking can be well worth it. Having a garden at home provides a hobby that is both relaxing and productive. In addition, it's a nice piece of scenery for you and your family to enjoy and take pride in. A well constructed garden can help take any events you'll host this summer to new heights of success. So, whether you're a seasoned gardener with two green thumbs or you're just starting down this path, check out these tips to make sure you get the most out of your garden this summer:

Fruits of your labors
Obviously, one of the most remembered aspects of any event that you host is going to be what you served. Whether it's appetizers or entrees, the food at an event is always a conversation piece in the days that follow, so you'll want to make sure yours is remembered for the right reasons. Beyond simply preparing things that your guests will enjoy, you'll curry extra favor by fixing seasonal dishes. Having a garden presents the perfect opportunity to do this. Plant several kinds of fruit at the beginning of the summer. It need not be anything fancy; planting watermelons and a few different types of berries should serve you fine. Watermelons tend to have a slightly longer growth cycle than most berries, so plant these first. Harvest a day or two before your event and prepare a dish for dessert using your harvest. Anything from a fruit salad to ice cream garnished with your homegrown fruit will please your guest and leave a great taste in their mouths.

Scene and scenery
As long as you're thinking about food, it can't hurt to consider the other ways in which having a garden can benefit you while hosting guests. Nearly as important as the meal that you'll actually be serving at an event is the way in which it's served. As we mentioned, it's good to incorporate anything homegrown into the dishes you'll prepare, but take that a step further by using the garden as scenery, in addition to a source of food. Try setting places somewhere in your garden using our Astoria Cafe Five Piece Dining Set. Placing an outdoor dining set in your garden can put your guests at ease and provide the illusion of solitude and removal from daily life, even when you're only a stone's throw from the house.

Be a trailblazer
When incorporating your garden into an event that you're hosting, the approach is almost as important as the destination. Try providing a guided walkway from the entrance of your backyard to the garden. Go for a minimalist look, something as simple as placing flat rocks in a broken line leading to the garden itself can offer a unique distinction between the garden and the backyard. In doing so, the garden becomes not simply a piece of the property, but rather a destination all its own, perfect for building slight anticipation as your guests wait for a dinner party or evening soiree to begin.