Fun outdoor games for your summer party

19 June, 2014

It wouldn't be summer without a few get-togethers on your patio with friends and family. Part of hosting a party at your home, however, means keeping your guests entertained. When they're not dining or mingling with one another, they'll need something to do. This is when lawn games come in handy. Here are a few to have on hand that your guests will love:

Beanbag toss
Tailgaters are experts at this particular outdoor game. It's very simple and appeals to a large number of age groups. You team up with one other person and go head-to-head against another two-person team. You take turns tossing the beanbag, and the goal is to get it in the hole each time. Landing the bag in the hole gets you three points, and landing it anywhere else on the board gets you one point. The first team to 20 points wins. Make sure to pull up a few outdoor lounge chairs so that other party-goers catch watch the game and cheer on their favorite teams.

Ladder golf
You can buy a ladder golf set or make one yourself. Either way, the game is played with two or more players, and each player has three gold ball bolas, or golf balls, attached by a nylon rope. You have to toss the object so that it wraps around the steps of the ladder. The top step is worth three points, the middle worth two, and the bottom worth one. The first team or player to 21 points wins.

If you plan on throwing a big party, volleyball is a must-have for your backyard get-together. You can form two teams to go head-to-head against each other at the net. Set up the volleyball net before the party starts. If space allows, you might even want to have two nets set up so your guests can play multiple games.

Disc golf
You likely don't have enough space in your backyard to play nine holes of golf, but what you can do is set up a disc golf course. Instead of hitting a golf ball, you throw small discs with the goal of getting them into a net in the fewest number of throws. Strategically set up the nets throughout your backyard.

Water balloon toss
The kids will love playing this game on a hot summer day. Fill up a bucket of balloons and play water balloon toss. The kids (or adults) pair up and start off about a foot apart, facing each other. Then they throw the balloon, and each time it's caught, each team member takes a step back. The last team standing without dropping the water balloon wins.