Great ways to add color to your backyard

24 September, 2014

Vibrant colors, when infused properly into a backyard space, can breed happiness, sentiment and curb appeal to boot. Take a look at your outdoor area and notice if you are missing a pop of color. With a little patience and attention to detail you can create an outdoor living space that creates comfort and and energy. Color attracts butterflies, birds and the company of your friends, so don’t wait any longer and give your backyard a color upgrade with these ideas:

Painted cinder blocks and concrete stones
Large lawns can be stunning, but often look drab without a bit of color mixed in. Add a concrete stone pathway that winds from garden bed to garden bed. Using either a stencil, or any geometric shapes, paint the stones in patterns with a singular choice color. It is best to choose a color that will stand out from the green, like light blue or a shade of red or yellow. You can accomplish a similar feat using cinder blocks. After painting them, stand the blocks upright and fill them with dirt so you can use them as stylish planters on your patio. 

Outdoor rugs
Simplify things even more by purchasing an outdoor rug that brings out the colors of your garden. Choose a rug that’s not only is bright in color, but bold in pattern as well. It also looks great to match your furniture’s cushions and the deck to one of the colors in the rug to make that aspect of the rug stand out. Make sure that your outdoor deck looks welcoming. In case the deck needs repair, you can get in touch with an exterior remodeling firm that can make the deck look new and shining. A good rug on a new deck can improve the outdoor aesthetics of your home. 

Bold furniture
No colorful backyard is complete without bold furniture. Choose small dining collections like the Sol 3 Piece Bistro Set. This little cafe assortment comes in blue, green and red. The bright nature of this furniture perfectly complements any painted planters or dazzling gardens. 

If having such vivid furniture feels a little too bold for your backyard look, bring in color with cushions. The Astoria 5 Piece Cafe Dining set comes with cushions in shades of red, orange, blue and slate. Keep an extra set of cushion covers in storage so you can change the chair cushion color when you feel you need a different look. 

Grill features
In case that you have an outdoor grill, give it its own colorful station. If your grill is built into a concrete wall that is meant to double as counter space, cover the counter and front of the wall with colorful tiles. Do not worry if the tiles are not perfectly matching, the point is to create a unified color scheme with the rest of your decor. If your grill is a stand-alone unit, add an accent table on either side and place a colorful potted flower like Gerber daisies, daffodils or mums on top of each table. 

Seasonally vibrant plants
It is important to coordinate your garden with your patio color scheme. Choose to either plant swaths of color that blend together or are situated to bring out start contrasts. Even if your garden is for vegetables only, you can fill it with color with plants like beets, peppers, carrots, squash, peas, berries, melons, tomatoes and greens. Remember, plants usually will only bloom for a few months, so be sure that your beds incorporate flowers that will give a pop of color throughout the growing year.