How Does Fire Glass Work? Choosing An Outdoor Fire Table

30 January, 2019

You’ve seen that sparkling layer of glass in outdoor fire tables, right? That is a special type of glass called fire glass. You’re probably wondering, how does fire glass work and what makes it so special? From fire glass safety tips and information to money-saving suggestions, we’re sharing all the details of this stunning fire feature decorating trend.


Does Fire Glass Get Hot?

The short answer? Yes! Fire table glass can get extremely hot. One of the upsides to using fire glass is that it produces a lot more heat than a standard gas log. To a child (and some adults) the fire glass may look pretty or even fun to touch while it’s burning in the fire pit, and this is why it’s very important you inform everyone using the fire pit that the fire glass can get extremely hot.


How to Light Fire Glass in a Fire Pit

Fire glass isn’t flammable, so when you light your fire pit, you’re not actually going to light the glass like you would a pile of tinder and wood. To light your fire glass, all you need to do is install it in your outdoor fire table and light your fire feature as you normally would. Once lit, the fire should rise evenly among your collection of stunning fire glass, making it appear as if it’s on fire.


Can You Use Fire Glass Instead of Lava Rock?

Fire glass is a fantastic alternative to lava rock and can be used to freshen up the look of your outdoor fire table and patio set. Although fire table glass costs more than lava rock, it looks great, produces more heat, and distributes heat more evenly.

If you have a beautiful outdoor fire table that is often surrounded by company, we suggest you fill it with fire glass instead of lava rock, especially if you’re leaning more toward a contemporary style rather than a rustic vibe.


Can You Use Glass Marbles in a Fire Pit?

When it comes to a big, burning bowl of fire surrounded by your loved ones, we urge you not to take the gamble of guessing what is or isn’t safe to burn. Fire table glass is tempered glass that has been made safe to handle and use in your outdoor fire table. Glass marbles are not tempered and can be dangerous to use. Don’t risk harming your friends and family by putting other kinds of glass and wild card materials in your fire pit.


Considerations When Choosing a Fire Table

If you love the fire glass look and you’re on the market for a new outdoor fire table, take these tips into consideration and use them to find the best fire feature for your needs.

  • As far as fire glass is concerned, a natural gas fire feature is preferred for even heat distribution and a clean burning fire.
  • Select an outdoor fire table and the right color of fire glass to accent your outdoor furniture set.
  • Think about how many guests you’re likely to have over at one time and buy the right size of fire feature that will all for enough room to keep your usual crowd warm and cozy.
  • Protect your new fire pit whenever you’re not using it with a quality cover made from durable materials.


When it comes to finding the best filler or rock for your outdoor fire pit, fire glass is a great option.