How to create an outdoor living room

10 March, 2014

The ultimate in comfort and sophistication, outdoor living rooms are one of the hottest design trends for 2014. While you probably already have some outdoor seating on your patio, a few chairs and side tables have nothing on the luxury that comes with the plush seating and tranquil aesthetic that an outdoor living room can provide. If you've decided this is the year to reward yourself with an outdoor living room, here's how to get started:

1. Choose a theme
As is the case with any home renovation project, the first step toward transforming your patio space into an outdoor living room is choosing a theme. There are two clear directions you can take: Meld the decor with the design of your home or choose an alternative aesthetic that speaks to you.

2. Assess your space
Now that you have chosen a theme, begin to assess the space that you have to work with. Do you plan to have your outdoor living room commandeer your entire backyard? Or will it just take up a small area? Take some measurements and use these to guide you in your luxury patio furniture choices.

3. Consider the many uses of your backyard
The size of the space that you plan to devote to your outdoor living room will determine how it can be used. For example, your vision may include outdoor sectionals, a dining area, a bar and a fire pit, but your available square footage may not allow it. Consider how you want to use your outdoor living room and adjust the space you've set aside for it accordingly.

4. Find the proper furnishings
The next step in the remodeling process is choosing the furnishings that you want to populate your new outdoor living room. Remember that the space is about both luxury and function, so ensure that the furniture you purchase really does bring the comfort of indoors outside. Consider including elements that you have in your indoor living room, such as sofas and a fireplace.

5. Get to work!
Now that you've taken care of all the planning, it's time to get to work on constructing your ideal outdoor living room! As you begin to construct the space, consider its placement in terms of privacy and view. You may want to add a covered area in case of bad weather, or do some additional landscaping to make the space more aesthetically pleasing.