How to Host a Dinner Party Outdoors in the Winter

8 January, 2019

Hosting a party involves careful planning and preparation, especially if you are having guests over in the winter. But you don’t have to let the cold weather stop you from enjoying fine dining and great company under the stars. You can easily plan the perfect dinner party timeline, including gathering by the fire with your guests. Follow these tips to learn how to plan a dinner party at home.

Be a Good Host

A good host plans an event with their guests in mind. Before diving into the details, take some time to consider the needs of those attending. Does anyone have food allergies or dietary restrictions? Will anyone be bringing children or babies? What ways can you accommodate specific guest needs and include everyone? Also think about your dinner party timeline of events and activities you want to include before and after the meal that you think your guests will enjoy.


When hosting a dinner party, menu is at the top of the list. Display and offer appetizers and finger foods as guests arrive, so they can munch and mingle while waiting for the entire party to assemble. Think simple but elegant, and make sure the arrangement includes plates, napkins, and any necessary utensils, as well as beverages. Provide plenty of indoor seating options and room to move around if the weather is too cold or unpleasant to be outside in.

Once everyone has arrived, been personally greeted, and had an opportunity to visit with other guests for a few minutes, move into the dining area for dinner. Have the dining room table set ahead of time and add a decorative touch with a seasonal centerpiece.

When choosing a main course, always play to your strengths. If you plan to cook the meal yourself, save the experimentation for side dishes or desserts. Prepare something you know will turn out amazing and that is generally popular. If you are not planning to prepare the meal yourself, hiring a caterer is always a great option. Just be sure to do your research, get recommendations, and discuss expectations beforehand.

How to Host a Dinner Party Outside

Let your guests know ahead of time that a portion of the event will take place outdoors so they can dress accordingly. Serve hot drinks and a warm dessert to your guests as they get cozy around the fire and have a few games planned, in case they are needed. If the guests are into slots or casino games, you can check out a few websites such as or casino apps to decide and inform all the guests about it beforehand. You can also get a few board games for entertainment.

How to Heat a Party Tent in Winter

A party tent is a great way to help keep guests warm. You can add heaters to keep the party warm. Make sure that you have stocked up enough heating oil for the event. In case you fall short of heating oil, you can always opt for an emergency oil delivery from or similar websites of oil delivery firms near you. No one wants to run out of oil, especially when entertaining guests so be sure to stock up on oil well ahead of the big day by comparing fuel suppliers online to find the best deal for you. Assume that you are holding a party outdoors and you have arranged for everything, starting from tents to food to portable kerosene or propane heaters. However, you might not have remembered to stock up on the fuel for the heaters. Now when all your guests are enjoying themselves in the tents, your heaters suddenly stop working. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing and spoil the spirit of the party? Yes, that certainly would. In addition to that, your guests might start feeling cold, which would reflect poorly on your hosting skills. That is why it is prudent that you stock up on kerosene (or propane) beforehand. If need be, contact firms like Barnes Petroleum Products Inc. which can offer options of home delivery. Anyway, if you do not have heaters, you can also distribute blankets for guests to use. The sturdy fabric of the tent should keep in the heat from the heaters nicely.

The Perfect Fire Pit

If you don’t have access to a party tent or want a more authentic outdoor experience, a fire pit is the perfect gathering place. With a fire pit, your guest can enjoy the ambiance and warmth a fire pit brings. This is also a fun time to pull out some marshmallows for s’mores or another tasty treat.

When using a fire pit, remember to be mindful of the safety tips and use your fire pit according to its instructions.


Make sure there is plenty of room for all your guests to enjoy the warmth of the fire with comfortable outdoor furniture that allows for everyone to enjoy each other’s company and good conversation.

Ambient Lighting

The light of the fire is easily and elegantly complemented by string or bulb lights. You can also opt for light posts or torches if that better suits your style. A little extra light will make it easier to continue conversations and keep the fun going longer.

How to End the Party with Grace

As much as you love your guests, there will come a point when it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re concerned the party might go on too long, plan ahead and designate an ending time on the invite. When that time arrives, thank everyone as a group for coming and tell them how much you appreciate them and enjoyed seeing them. This will signal that the event has come to an end. Finish your host duties by personally thanking each guest again on their way out the door.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an outdoor party you and your guests will remember for years to come.