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How to prepare for amazing outdoor parties

The summer season is coming soon, and with it the arrival of endless days of sunbathing on your pool deck, barbecuing with friends and family, and sitting by the campfire to keep warm at night. Whatever you decide to do this summer, make every event one that you will remember forever. If you want to host the ultimate summer party that will be the talk of the town, you will need to focus on some of the essential features of an amazing poolside party. 

Patio must-haves
Experiencing an outdoor pool party without adequate patio furniture available is like running a marathon in the dead of winter – no fun at all. Determine the number of guests that you initially invited. Estimate how much seating you will need to accommodate the majority of your guests. Outdoor furniture sets are critical to creating a harmonious atmosphere. Some of your guests will find their way to the cool pool water, while others will want to sit and chat with their friends under a large shady umbrella on top of plush cushioned chairs and benches. Whatever the situation is, having enough seating for your guests is an exercise in thoughtfulness that those who were invited will not overlook.

Nothing can raise the mood of an outdoor party more than the right type of lighting. Harsh lighting can hurt the eyes of your guests while too little can be the cause of injury and accidents. There should be enough bulbs placed in strategic places to illuminate important, high-traffic areas like stairways and the railing of the patio or deck, but no more than necessary. Try getting creative with the way you use light. Think about hanging strings of white lights, lanterns or tea lights on tree branches. You can also adjust the party mood by using globe string lights. These are stylish, round bulbs that give off a pleasant glow. If you are running wires across your yard, snip bits of wire hangers into U-shaped pegs. Use these to hold the wires down so none of your guests trip over them.    

Food and entertainment
When throwing an outdoor party, you will want to have a variety of items available for your guests. Your best bet is creating a buffet line. Arrange your food so that guests can view the spread without creating a traffic jam and place your dining area away from the buffet. Make sure you have extra entrees, side dishes, salad, bread, butter and condiments. As for entertainment, think about your personality and the purpose of your party. Blend a variety of songs from genres like calypso, blue Grass, Dixieland, jazz, soul, rap, acoustic guitar, string quartet, Big Band, and rock. 

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