Increase your home’s value with an outdoor kitchen

17 April, 2014

According to real estate experts, outdoor kitchens increase home value. If you're looking to up the appeal  of your home, or just add an element that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor dining set, consider building an outdoor kitchen. In any market, buyers prefer a home with an outdoor kitchen to a home without one.  For a few tips on how to cook up a great outdoor kitchen, check out the following list:

To-die-for dining set
There is no better place to look than RST Brands when you are ready to upgrade your outdoor dining. Their selection of gorgeous, resort-style dining sets will add class and sophistication to your patio or deck, and the durable materials will last for years. For larger groups, the 9-piece Deco set is the perfect combination of convenience and style. Seat up to eight guests around the table and choose your favorite color for the plush seating from RST's collection. Or, if an intimate meal is more to your taste, opt for RST Brands's bistro set, in your choice of vibrant colors that will add a pop of brightness to your outdoor decor.

4 must-haves
Create a space that lets you mingle with your guests rather than run in and out of the house for refreshments. Be sure to include the following elements to create the perfect dining space:

  1. Countertops give you a place to slice side dishes and prepare a meal while you wait for the grill to get ready. Install a custom counter against the side of the house, or on either side of your grill, for convenience.
  2. Lighting is important out back, especially as night falls. Make sure to add some task lighting in the form of outdoor lamps or light-activated bulbs. Installing an electrical outlet outside for your light features will give you extra space for a side burner or blender too!
  3. Shelter is another key element for your outdoor kitchen because it can shade the chef from too much sun, or rain if you're unlucky! Try a pergola tied to the house frame or secured to free-standing posts in your garden for a charming look. Or, opt for a stylish resort umbrella to keep you cool and dry.
  4. Sinks can complete your kitchen and really help out if you are more than a few steps from the house. A small fridge for cold drinks can make a big difference too. You'll be able to stay outside longer with everything you need to prepare and clean up after a nice meal.

Add a fire element
For a way to make your outdoor kitchen and dining areas even more inviting, add a fire bowl. This decor piece is an impressive item to bring into your design, and can be a lovely reason to sit and enjoy the evening hours. The fire bowl from RST Brands is equipped with a metal mesh lid that protects you from sparks and flying embers once the wood has burnt down.