Furniture Colors: Popular Living Room Color Schemes

6 September, 2018

Your home is your one and only go-to spot. Color schemes say more than you think, and there are so many options out there that you’ll need to choose wisely if you want a cohesive look to your overall design. With this easy guide, you can learn about different color schemes and pick the best living room decoration colors.


Beige is a traditional color that always looks good. Choosing beige sofas and chairs gives you a chance to decorate with colorful throw pillows that really pop. This color reflects a classy look that never goes out of style but still has a hint of a modern touch.


Yellow is a bold and bright color that speaks volumes. Yellow furniture colors display a fun and energetic style. Yellow living room furniture brightens anybody’s day and is a perfect pick-me-up for you and your guests. Yellow is a color that often pairs well with grey and purple, and can be used as a furniture accent color.


White furniture gives the impression of classy, organized, and clean. It is a clean, quaint, and timeless color choice. White is also a popular color choice because it pairs well with most other colors, even brown and neutral colors. White can be a nice color to use in your decorating scheme if you are using a lot of bold colors in other decorations.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a furniture color option that is vibrant and daring. It displays sophistication and elegance, as well as being fairly easy to keep clean. A navy blue sofa or chair creates a strong focal point for your room which allows you to keep accent colors and decorations minimal and soft.


Grey living room furniture is a fashionable and stylish color choice that is not overwhelming or loud but also not too subtle or safe. You can add the right pop of color to make things interesting but still keep things simple. Grey is a nice neutral color that can balance out other bolder colors used throughout the room.


Green as a furniture color sends an air of surprise and energy. When using green as a furniture color, it’s important you use other colors that are complementary, like certain shades of blue and yellow, that won’t compete. Green can be a fairly dominating color to decorate with, but if you pair it with a neutral color like white, grey, or black, you can have the perfect color scheme.


Red is a dominant and bold furniture color choice that often demonstrates confidence. When you choose to go with red, you are choosing a strong decor style that is bold and beautiful. Make sure you choose your accent colors carefully, and consider going with grey and white, so that you don’t have too many strong colors competing against each other.


Purple furniture colors encourage fun and excitement, but still offer an air of sophistication.. Purple sofas, chairs, and decor add a strong color to the room and can be the focal point of your decoration. Purple can be a fun color option to brighten up any room, but still keeps things on the classy side.


Black sofas and chairs are the epitome of modern, simple design. Black is a clean cut color that is fashionable and never goes out of style. It’s the perfect backdrop for any decor and can be paired with nearly any design element or color. Black furniture is striking, bold, classy, and pairs well with almost any other color scheme you might be using in the room.

Don’t just settle for any sofa or chairs for your home; find the best furniture colors that are just right for your decor and style. The best sofa colors and chair colors to reflect your personality are out there there waiting for you!