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15% Off Portofino Heather Beige: Browse Outdoor Patio Sets And More

15% Off Portofino Heather Beige: Browse Outdoor Patio Sets And More

Imagine this: It’s a season or two into the future and you’re outside, lounging on a luxurious chaise lounge with your favorite beverage and a great book. It’s a total glamour shot, something out of a magazine, and the best part is that you’re in your own backyard.

With our current selection of patio furniture, you can create a haven of comfort and relaxation in your own backyard and save money doing it. From now until February 15th, 2018, we have exactly what you need at a discounted price. Receive 15% off when you use the promo code RST18HB to purchase any of our beautifully-designed and finely-crafted pieces from our Portofino collection in Heather Beige.

Just in case you aren’t already familiar with the magnificent craftsmanship and comfort our Portofino provides, we thought we’d give you a taste by spotlighting three of our highly-coveted pieces of high-end outdoor furniture sets.

RST Brands’ Discount Patio Furniture

Portofino Comfort 7pc Motion Fire Set in Heather Beige

This seven-piece outdoor patio set will provide a beautiful gathering area so comfortable that you’ll never want to go inside. Designed for optimal comfort, this Portofino luxury set is just what you need to provide a relaxing and enjoyable setting for friends, family, and guests.

The Whole Package:

  • One 88-inch sofa with deep-seated cushions
  • Two rocking motion club chairs with a rotation feature of 360 degrees
  • One convenient stone top side table
  • One propane fire pit encased in protective glass and centered in a stone top table

Portofino Comfort 3pc Chaise Lounge Set in Heather Beige

The Portofino Chaise Lounge Set is the missing piece to the perfect outdoor setup. The ergonomic wave of the design, the adjustable backrest, and the three-inch-thick cushions come together to give new meaning to the words comfort and relaxation.

This beige and wicker outdoor set includes two high-end chaise lounges and a matching lounge table to keep refreshments and more at a convenient reach.

Portofino Comfort 9pc Dining Set in Heather Beige

The Portofino Dining Set will provide you with a beautiful and durable outdoor dining area to share meals and make memories. With comfortable seating and a natural stone veneer table top, this nine-piece set is suitable for any occasion, from a casual brunch to a formal dinner party.

This beautiful and durable dining set includes a stone top dining table framed with lightweight aluminum and eight high-backed armchairs with removable three-inch thick cushions.

Discount Patio Furniture of the Highest Quality

What more could one ask for when searching for the perfect discount patio furniture for their backyard paradise? And because you’re buying Portofino, you can rest assured knowing that your brand new outdoor furniture will serve its purpose (and then some) for many seasons to come. Our Heather Beige Portofino pieces are finely crafted from the best materials to withstand all kinds of conditions, from unfavorable weather to accidental spills and unruly guests.

Revamp your patio this spring with high-end outdoor furniture for a discounted price. Use the promo code RST18HB at checkout to receive 15% off your favorite Heather Beige pieces in our Portofino collection from now until February 15, 2018.

Living in a Mid-Century Living Room

If you’re interested in a stunning living room with clean, simple lines, lots of light, and stunning pieces of furniture, you may be dreaming of a mid-century modern living room. Don’t worry about being too “retro” –if done right this style complements current living room trends and adds an elegant charm.

Mid-century modern design is characterized by teak wood furniture that is finished to display its natural beauty. Extra elements on furniture (unnecessary legs, for instance) are avoided to contribute to an overall uncluttered look. Light is used everywhere, from windows to lamps. The result is an inviting and clean-looking room that provides comfort and class.

While many people love the design elements found in mid-century design, they want to avoid living in a space that looks like it belongs in the past. This is an easily remedied problem. One of the easiest ways to do it is to choose a modern color scheme. Another solution is to choose contemporary art for the walls and more modern decorative pieces.


What Do You Need to Include in a Mid-Century Modern Design?

For starters, you’ll probably want a mid-century modern sofa or sectional. Find something simple: one-toned, with a clean geometric structure, and don’t overburden it with blankets and pillows. This clean look will carry you a long way toward a mid-century inspired room.

Next, find a mid-century armchair. Again, you want a basic design. You’ll be amazed at how commanding a piece without distracting elements can be in a room. Simplicity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, either. It just means that you eliminate a feeling of clutter.

Be sure that you choose a focal piece. This is often done with a piece of furniture in a bold color, like this olive green sofa sectional. However carefully consider where you want eyes drawn in your living room. You can have up to two focal points and they don’t have to be furniture. You could also use an art piece, a rug, a mantle, or whatever else you want.

Decorating with a few accessories, be they vintage or modern, can take a mid-century modern living room from feeling stiff to feeling homey. If you’re a plant person, some plants (big, small, or in between) can bring life to the room. Cool metal or glass accessories can also brighten the room, helping it feel inviting to visitors and to you.


Mid-Century Modern Color

In mid-century design, you aren’t finished until there’s some color in your room. Traditionally, mid-century decor combines soft neutrals with saturated accent colors, bringing the room to life. If you’re going for a more modern look, feel free to base your color decisions on current trends.

Whatever colors, accessories, and furniture you choose, a mid-century modern design is a beautiful style for any living room. With its clean, simple lines, and with lots of light, it’s hard to beat this classic design style.

4 Steps to Pulling Off an Eclectic Living Room

Your living room tends to be the center of your home. It’s where you entertain guests, relax after a long day, enjoy conversation with friends, and even watch a little TV. No matter the activity, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with its design and that the space itself feels inviting.

A great way to embrace your creative side and add your personality to this important space is to go eclectic. Your living room furniture can still look organized and elegant without necessarily “matching.” In fact, a little mismatch here and there can add an element of interest—something that speaks to your family’s uniqueness (without being too distracting).

Here are four simple tips to create an original and effective look that doesn’t necessarily “match.”


1.   Find a focal point

Mixing your furniture does not mean that your living room should not have focus. By finding the center, you can choose your furniture and your look much more effectively. Do you have a beautiful fireplace or a piece of art that will capture people’s attention? This focal point is a great place to start. You could position your arm chairs and sofa using this central spot. That way, when guests sit on your furniture, their attention will be brought to the focal point, which can be a great conversation starter.


2.   Think form and function

Before you set out to buy accessories, such as floor lighting or an area rug, visualize the layout (the form of your living room). You may find that after you add arm chairs and sofas you don’t have enough room. Think about how many people will normally use the living room and what you will normally use it for (it’s function). More doesn’t mean better. You don’t need to add a large number of pieces to the living room to give it personality; let the decor do that. If your living room is a small space choose furniture styles that are best for small spaces.


3.   Choose your color scheme

Once you’ve found your focus and visualized your layout, you need to consider living room color schemes. One option is to work with your favorite color and add furniture in its different tones. For example, you could pair up a sky blue arm chair with an elegant teal blue sofa.  Another option is to choose a bold color and mix and match your eclectic furniture with neutral colors.  Either way, make sure that you choose colors that mix well together.


4.   Eclectic does not mean “anything goes”

Just because you have decided to use a broad and diverse type of style, it doesn’t mean that you can just choose any furniture or accessory. Eclectic does not mean unorganized. In fact, it can look structured if planned well.

Make sure that you include a balanced mix. Visual balance is achieved by evening out visual weight and creating continuity where possible. For example, if you pair a tall legged mid-century modern sofa and a tall legged Victorian arm chair these pieces have visual continuity. You can pair thick and heavy styles of furniture with lighter pieces by balancing visual weight. For example a thick and heavy sofa could be balanced with one dense arm chair, or two armchairs in a less-dense style.

Your living room furniture does not always have to “match” to look elegant and stylish. Choosing different styles of furniture and opting for an eclectic look is one way to ensure that your living room is unique and visually interesting. Don’t forget to find a focal point, visualize the layout, choose a color scheme and plan carefully. If you follow these simple rules, your living room will soon become your favorite space in your house.

Living Room or Great Room – What’s the Difference?

Mid-century modern living room set

Whether you’re building or buying, the type of “primary living space” you choose for the interior of your new home is a major decision. The basic structure of western homes hasn’t changed much over the years – walls attached to a roof and floors make an effective shelter – but the layout of the rooms inside is constantly changing styles.

In the past, one of the main reasons for partitioning houses into separate rooms was to help with temperature regulation. Smaller rooms heat up more quickly because the walls contain the heat, and when a room was no longer being used, the source of heat would be removed or shut off to focus on occupied areas of the house. But with today’s more efficient and effective heating and cooling systems, dividing a house up is no longer necessary, which frees up our options when it comes to home floor plans.

With all of these options, how do you decide what you want your living space to look like? Many prefer the open floor plan that allows for a great room, but others enjoy having a more formal room to use when company is visiting – a living room.

First of all, what’s the difference between the two? And what kind of furniture is best for either option? Whether you’re thinking about adding a great room to your house, or just needing design ideas for a living room, here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Living Room Vs. Great Room

As mentioned before, the primary difference between the two is the level of casualness. Living rooms tend to be more formal and separate, with nicer, more stylish furniture and decor. They are generally for hosting important or less familiar guests. They’re considered a luxury because they’re meant to be a space that is always clean and ready for company – many times homeowners don’t allow kids or pets in them.

In contrast, great rooms are part of an open floor plan by design. They are generally more casual and meant to be used every day. The furniture is comfortable and inviting, the TV is often located here. A lot of times a great room flows off of the kitchen or dining room, allowing people to be in either “room” and still be part of the same space.

Choosing the Right Furniture

It’s important to choose the right type of seating for your space. In a living room, you may want to steer clear of large items such as sectionals, as you are generally working with less square footage and a large sectional would shrink the room instantly. Instead, focus on small sofas and arm chairs. Furniture sets with high legs are great for helping the room feel more open and less stuffy. Use Google or Pinterest to get other design ideas for a living room.

When you’re choosing furniture for a great room, on the other hand, sectionals can actually come in handy for defining spatial boundaries. The back of a couch is a clear border between the kitchen and the family room, for example. A deep seated sectional tends to add to the coziness of a room, which is exactly what you want in a great room. Or if you have an open floor plan, but still a relatively small amount of square footage that you’re working with, look for a high-legged sectional to keep the room feeling open.

With complementary furniture, you can transform your great room or living room into an inviting space.

How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Needs

High-legged furniture set

Durable, comfortable, and attractive – the three criteria most people have in mind while shopping for a new sofa. It should come as no surprise that finding one that will check all of those boxes is sure to be an investment, and the process can be a headache.

No one wants the buyer’s remorse that comes from a hastily-made decision. If you’re wondering how to choose a sofa, here’s a quick guide to make the process a little easier.

Choosing the Right Style

Before doing anything else, you need to figure out what style of sofa fits best in your particular space. Oftentimes people think they want a sectional because of the comfort and large seating capacity it offers, but neglect to take into consideration the size or shape of their room. Many times, a sectional either won’t fit, or is just wrong for the room.

So take some measurements of your room. Think about the shape:

  • Is it long and narrow, or square and closed-off? A sofa may be your best bet.
  • Is your room airy and open to the rest of the house? A large sectional can help to break up the space and mark the edges of a “room”, so to speak.

Also think about how you like to sit on a sofa, and how you will most likely be using it:

  • Do you prefer sitting in the center, or on an edge? If you like to lean on the arms, a sofa with high arms might be best.
  • If you prefer to lie down, you may get better use out of a sofa with lower arms because they’re easier for resting your head.

It’s also important to take into account the height and depth of the seat. If you are tall, deeper seats work better. But if you have a hard time getting up from being seated, a shallower seat is your best bet.

Choosing the Fill and Fabric

We all have different ideas of what makes something comfortable. Do you prefer a soft sofa you can collapse into, or a firmer, more supportive cushion? Or, do you like differing levels of firmness in the back and the seat? Try out sofas with varying degrees of softness if you’re not sure where your preferences lie.

In addition to fill type, you’ll want to take into consideration the sofa upholstery fabric. Fabrics play into the overall tone and feel of a room, and – obviously – the actual feel of the sofa. Perhaps you enjoy the look of textured fabrics, and the warmth they bring to a room, but do you like how they actually feel to sit on? You love the sophistication of leather, but it’s also slippery on clothing, sticky on skin, and can be cold. Microfiber is low-maintenance and easy to clean, but the “swirl” marks might get on your nerves.

Sit and lie down on different fabrics until you feel confident in what’s right for you.

Take Your Time

Do your research. Shop around. Really get to know your options. It’s a big purchase and a big decision, so don’t rush into anything or let people pressure you.

Top Cyber Monday Luxury Furniture Deals

White outdoor sofa set

Have you been putting off buying furniture for your backyard until you find the perfect piece? Is it time to refresh your living room with a new sofa or sectional? Have you been looking for the right chair to complete a room? Now is the perfect time to shop for new, luxury furniture with RST Brands’ Cyber Monday furniture sales.

Top Cyber Monday Deals

Don’t miss out on these great deals. The more you spend on Cyber Monday, the more money you’ll save. The sale takes place from 6 PM MST on 11/26/17 through 11/29/17.

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Cyber Monday Furniture Sales

Take advantage of our luxury furniture sale. We’re offering great prices on beautiful pieces of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Browse our website to find pieces you’ll love for your home.

Outdoor Furniture

No backyard is complete without a set of beautiful outdoor furniture. No matter whether you’re looking for a peaceful oasis to think or read outside or a gathering place to hold parties with your friends and family, you can find the perfect outdoor furniture set at RST Brands.

Choose between high-quality outdoor sofas & sectionals, loungers, hammocks, or outdoor dining sets. Our outdoor furniture comes in a variety of colors and is made with outdoor-safe materials.

Living Room Furniture

Your furniture is an essential element of making your house a home. At RST Brands we offer a great mix of sofas and sectionals to meet the needs of your living room. We offer several different styles and colors to match the size, design, and decor of your space.

Our top Cyber Monday deals apply sitewide. Don’t forget to check out our beautiful selection of chairs and ottomans. All of our furniture is made with top-quality materials in order to provide you with long-lasting pieces you’ll love.

The Best Black Friday Furniture Sales

Orange outdoor seating and dining set

Don’t miss the top Black Friday deals on RST Brands furniture. From 11/22/17 at 6 PM MST to 11/26/17 6 PM MST, we’ll be offering significant discounts on our luxury furniture sitewide. This year, the more money you spend, the more money you’ll save starting with 15% off your entire purchase.

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RST Brand Luxury Furniture for Sale

The Curated Room

The Curated Room collection solves the struggle of trying to piece together a cohesive atmosphere or look. You don’t have to wonder if this chair matches that table and that couch. Put simply, the RST Brand curated room take the stress out of redecorating with classic pieces perfectly matched together.

Outdoor Dining Furniture

The right outdoor furniture set can change your backyard from a plot of land into a gathering place. However, not all outdoor furniture is created equal. Our outdoor dining sets elevate a backyard space with high-quality design and style. We offer several options that can accommodate both small, intimate groups as well as larger gatherings.

Coffee Tables

RST Brands offers a collection of unique and stylish coffee and side tables that match a variety of designs and tastes. Each piece is made with top-quality materials to ensure a long life. We provide several different sizes, shapes, functions, and styles to accommodate our customers’ preferences.

Don’t miss out on these luxury furniture Black Friday deals. Use the limited-time promo code fridayb17 to save money from 11/22/17-11/26/17.

A Fall Home Decor Guide For Your Living Room

As the air turns crisp and the leaves start to change, you may feel an itch to update your living room to match the season. Without a little advanced planning, the frequent holidays can make you feel as if it’s time to take down your decorations as soon as you get them up. Use this guide to simplify your seasonal update and bring the joy of autumn into your home.


Start with Strong Base Pieces

Fall home decor comes in phases. September might feature basic harvest decorations, but as the autumn months roll by, so do the holidays. The first step of decorating for fall is starting with strong base pieces that you can build off of from holiday to holiday.

Fortunately, Halloween and Thanksgiving home decorations tend to follow a similar color scheme. Neutral, warm colors allow you to add more colorful, but coordinated, accents throughout the season.

Well-picked furniture like classic couches, bookshelves, rugs, and coffee tables will coordinate nicely with any holiday decor throughout the year. Wood pieces are particularly suited for creating a classy autumn ambiance.


Let Mother Nature Guide Your Color Choices

When you think of fall colors, you might think of browns, oranges, and yellows. However, if you look to nature, you may find that your color palette is larger than what you might think. As the Fall leaves change, you’ll find stunning purples, reds, blues, and greens. While warm colors like brown might make a solid base, you can choose great accent pieces in a variety of colors.

Another great resource for selecting a color palette is Pantone’s Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report, which features a mix of traditional autumnal colors as well as unique accent colors like Golden Lime and Ballet Slipper.


Lean Into the Rustic Look

Fall is a perfect time to bring the cozy, rustic farmhouse look into your home. If you plan it right, your harvest decorations will complement any Thanksgiving or Halloween decorating you choose to do.

Nature can do a lot of the heavy lifting for your decor. Select some fall foliage (either fresh or faux will do) to tie in some natural colors into your living room. You can also add a tasteful wreath that matches your color scheme.

Bring the harvest into your home with decorative squash, gourds, and pumpkins. Healthy pumpkins can last 8 to 12 weeks under the right circumstances, which means your decor can likely last for the majority of the fall season.

Bowls of fruit can add to your decor. As you inch closer to Thanksgiving, consider adding in a cornucopia of flowers, fruit, and corn.

If you’d like a more understated rustic look, add subtle accents using wicker baskets, burlap, and lace.


Add Relevant Holiday Decor

If you’ve chosen a good base of fall-friendly furniture and decor, decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving won’t be too much of a chore; half the work will already be done. When it comes to holiday decorations, you can be as subtle or ostentatious as your personal style dictates.

For those looking for a more subtle holiday look, choose pieces that flow naturally with your established decor. Rotate your normal throw pillows and blankets for festive, holiday-themed options. Place decorative, holiday wooden blocks on your bookshelves or mantle. Simple pieces such as themed coasters shaped like jack-o-lanterns for Halloween or turkeys for Thanksgiving, can bring the holiday spirit into your living room without dominating it.

Instead of carving pumpkins for Halloween, paint them so they’ll last longer without rotting. Those looking for a trendy option could try painting patterns on pumpkins in gold paint. Those same pumpkins, if subtly painted, may go well with your Thanksgiving home decorations. If not, buy a few more heirloom pumpkins in November.

Fall offers so many opportunities to play with vibrant colors and textures in your living room decorations. Take advantage of these decor tips and transform your home into a celebration of autumn.

Top Living Room Furniture Trends in 2017

In 2017, we’ve seen many of the past trends being abandoned to create a more functional space. Today, many people are wanting to design a space which speaks to their individualism. A space where they can showcase fine, hand-crafted pieces over self-assembled manufactured pieces.

As you design your own living space which fits your style and needs, here are some home decor ideas for your living room furniture.

The Rise of Green

Greens in all shades and tones are making big waves in interior design, especially as accent walls and pieces. Modern chairs, especially as accent chairs, in a rich emerald green add a pop of color and contrast, instantly bringing your decor up-to date. Neutral colors seem to be here to stay, especially grays and whites, which provide a perfect background for a pop of green. Dark green sectionals layered with softer green pillows, or a dark green accent wall adorned with various shades of green incorporated into artwork indicate a living room updated with the current trends.


A shift in the style of tile used for flooring and walls has been seen in 2017, with subway tiles being outed as terracotta tile makes big waves. A mid-century modern living room would be current and on-trend with the incorporation of a terracotta tile entryway with a matte finish to avoid the tacky-ness associated with some of the 1970 designs, while still achieving the warmth and charm of the mid-century design era. Wood tile is also trending this year, with geometric designs being favored in lieu of standard arrangements. Stained and treated cement tiles are also being seen, especially in sun rooms that function as living rooms.

Individual Spaces

The open floor plan that has been so widely favored is being replaced by the return of distinct, individual rooms. While inviting and conducive to a night of entertaining, open floor plans allow for the diffusion of smells to areas where food and eating isn’t welcome, and lack adequate noise barriers allowing for more intimate conversations. These factors have initiated the return of closed floor plans with designated rooms and spaces. Living room furniture trends favoring this layout include deep sectionals and sofas, tufted arm chairs, ottomans and coffee tables, and throw blankets that encouraging a sense of retreat, comfort, and tranquility.

Handcrafted Furniture

The appreciation of fine craftsmanship and owning a piece of furniture completely unique from the next is a huge trend in 2017. Seeing furniture as an investment, especially with an understanding the types of trends and pieces that have remained timeless, has created living room designs full of character and quality. This also eliminates the need for transitional pieces, while accent designs can be updated as trends continue to change. Solid wood, durable metals and attention to detail indicate artisanship that should be welcomed into a 2017 living room design.

Metals and Textures

Soft, pastel colors are being ousted by bright, shiny metallics. In artwork and furniture, accent pieces and complementary decor, metal trim is bringing some sparkle and character to your living room in a romantic and classic way. Gold metallic trimming on coffee tables adds a contrast of color and texture also trending this year. Contrasting textures add depth and dimension to your living room, and the combination of linen sofas with leather armchairs, gold trim on wood coffee tables, and complementary colors will complete a trend update on your living room.

As you design or redesign your living room, keep these current trends in mind to create a space aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and welcoming to guests.

5 Modern Arm Chairs & Living Room Furniture Design Tips


Several concepts from interior and furniture design should be considered when trying to accomplish a certain look or style in a room. Whether you’re trying to pull off a contemporary style in your living room, a traditional style for your bedroom, or any other design of your preference, choosing the right furniture pieces to pull it all together can be an overwhelming process full of seemingly endless choices.

After all, it is quite frequently the attention to the details that gives a room its polished, defining look. To this end, follow these tips to help you choose the perfect accent chair for your living room.

1. Consider your focal point

When you first enter a room, what is the first thing you see? Adjacent to the entryway is the focal point of the room, so it’s important to ensure adequate thought and attention is paid to this space. In a living room, the focal point may be a fireplace, large piece of art, or sectional sofa. Choose an accent chair with its own unique details that also contributes to the beauty and personality of the focal point—a tufted arm chair, for example—which also contributes to the overall atmosphere of the room.

2. Define the room’s purpose

What do you see yourself and your guests doing in your living room? If conversation and entertainment is the goal, consider an accent chair with an ottoman that encourages conversation and engagement. If relaxation is the goal, perhaps choose a wingback arm chair that entraps heat from the fireplace and surrounds its occupant in comfort.

3. Follow a color scheme

As you select furniture and accent pieces, it’s important to follow a color scheme that compliments the purpose of the room and is attractive to you. Remember, you will be in the room more than anyone else, so while it is important to appeal to aesthetics it is equally important to adhere to personal tastes and preferences. A current trend is to follow a neutral color scheme, one with whites, beiges, and subtle pops of brighter colors, or perhaps a gray palette of various shades accentuated by a linen arm chair.  

4. Mix and match textures

Complementary textures and colors are ideal, even if they are mixed and matched. For example, add dimension to your room by selecting a modern arm chair with a deep seat and luxe material to complement sofa of a similar color but more durable material. Similarly, add an accent coffee table to break up the monotony of the soft textiles with the presence of wood or metal. This creates an aspect of congeniality that invites conversation and promotes relaxation.

5. Consider transitional pieces

As time passes, your taste and preferences may change slightly. New colors may become attractive to you and new priorities may encourage rearranging or going for a new look altogether. As you choose your furniture, consider choosing a few transitional pieces that stand the test of time, providing relaxation as well as sophistication to always suit your needs.

By adhering to a few simple rules of living room furniture design, you can choose the perfect arm chair that will add the finishing touch to the look of your room and create an inviting space in which to live and entertain.