Living Room Decorating Ideas to Push Away the Winter Blues

8 February, 2018

The early setting sun and chill factor that winter brings sometimes contribute to feelings of lethargy and gloom. In fact, mild symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder affect 10-20% of Americans.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple things you can do around your home to lift your spirits and spark a sense of contentment. Here are six living room design ideas that can go a surprisingly long way to help restore your feel-good mood, no matter the weather.

Get the Light Right

Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have access to light’s healing effects. Simply changing your standard light bulbs to full spectrum lighting will give you some of the benefits of natural light, right inside your home. Revealing colors as they are seen in broad daylight, rather than colors tinged yellow or blue, means full spectrum light bulbs can improve your quality of light (and life) by increasing clarity and mental productivity.

Replace Worn Furniture

Seeing, walking past, and sitting down on shabby furniture every day is sure to make you feel, well, dowdy. Who needs that in the depths of winter despair? Do yourself (and your room) a favor by saying “goodbye” to the old and “hello” to the new. There’s nothing like sinking into a fresh, beautiful sofa or armchair. With some high quality indoor furniture, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the change.

Rearrange Furniture for the Best Outdoor View

Coming up with small room interior design ideas for rearranging your furniture can change the mood of the room and also give you an opportunity to harness more natural light. Open the blinds, swap out light-obstructing drapes in favor of sheer curtains, replace bulky bookcases with high quality shelves that are more open, and rotate your sofas and chairs to face any windows. Take a few minutes, a few times a day, to sit and look out at the scenery. Observe the weather, notice birds or critters, and enjoy people-watching while sitting wrapped in a blanket, sipping a hot drink, or lounging on your comfortable sofa.  

Introduce Live Plants and Fresh Flowers

Even though your outdoor plants may lay dormant, it doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of nature’s bounty. There are so many incredible indoor varieties to choose from, you can have a lot of fun with all of the options. Plants are nice to have because their caretaking needs gives one a sense of responsibility and can bring more color inside of your home.

Add Meaningful Photos

Chances are you already have meaningful family and friend photos on your living room coffee table. However, chances are these photos haven’t been updated in quite some time. Well, now is the time. Sort through all those newer, adorable candids and find just the right memories to show off.

Earn extra satisfaction by having these special pictures properly matted and framed before putting them on display. Or, for something unique and fun, have your photos professionally printed on metal, wood, or glass.

Inject Color

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a neutral room. In fact, when done right, neutrals feel quite clean and relaxing. But, if you’re feeling bored or unsatisfied, color is a quick fix. Fun colors that wake up winter blues are those that occur naturally in nature, such as ocean blue, sunny yellow, raspberry red, and evergreen. Benjamin Moore suggests the paint color trends for 2018 will include Caliente, Dreamy Cloud, and Pleasant Pink. So pick your pigment passion and go for it.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these winter home decor ideas for the living room won’t have any effect on your somber mood. After all, even just the act of working on a project will give you a sense of purpose and joy. Then, once you’re done, you will be left with a room that makes you feel good and settled when at home during these colder, shorter winter months.