Make your patio Palm Springs chic

15 July, 2014

Modernist architects in the mid-20th century turned the desert resort community of Palm Springs, California, into a mecca of beautiful home design. The work of people such as Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Donald Wexler and Albert Frey became so well-known that industry insiders began to give the area's unique look a name all its own: Desert Modernism. Distinguished by stark angles, clean lines, wide glass windows and outdoor living spaces, this regional architectural style was incorporated into everything from homes and hotels to civic buildings and schools.

The blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces has led many to embrace a Desert Modernist aesthetic in their own home. Here is a guide to some of the most definitive architectural elements of the style and the perfect outdoor furniture sets to match the theme:

It's all about the overhang
The roofline was an important consideration for many Desert Modernist architects. In order to create a fluid transition from the interior to the exterior space, as well as provide shade from the blistering desert sun, the roof would often extend into an overhang above the patio or courtyard. Consult a contractor about building out your own overhang that extends your home's structure into the outdoors.

Go for the Sol
When furnishing your outdoor poolside or patio, opt for the Sol collection to stay within the Desert Modernist theme. Our Sol furniture features clean lines and bright colors that will lend an air of Palm Springs elegance to any backyard. The curved shape of the chaise lounge in this collection accentuates the natural features, such as rocks and desert plants, that are present in many Desert Modernist gardens. All the furniture pieces in this collection are made from textilene mesh that can withstand everything from sun to rain, ensuring your outdoor seating never falls victim to the elements.

Form follows function
One of the guiding mantras of the modernist movement on the whole was that of form following function. As such, spaces were built to optimize how they would be used. Use this design philosophy to dictate how you furnish your outdoor space. If you are working with a pool deck, you will want to prioritize lounge seating, whereas patios demand more sofas and loveseats. Embrace the "less is more" mindset for a sleek exterior space.