Outdoor furniture maintenance guidelines

2 October, 2014

Once you’ve decked out your yard with quality outdoor furniture sets, you’ll want to take good care of your investment. These pieces have the potential to last a lifetime, adding style and comfort to your living space. While RST Brands provides furniture made of durable and weather-resistant materials, a few cleaning and maintenance steps will keep your pieces looking as good as new. Follow these guidelines to properly care for your outdoor furniture:

Cover your furniture
The cushions and frames featured in furniture made by RST Brands are meant to last through numerous weather conditions. The cushion fabric will resist fading caused by ultraviolet light and the foam will dry quickly after rain. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. Cover your furniture when you’re not using it to block sunlight and keep the pieces dry. Doing so will help your outdoor lounge chairs, sectionals, sofas, etc., maintain their vibrant colors and prevent the wicker from fading.

Store during extreme weather
See a severe thunderstorm in the forecast? Anticipating high winds? RST Brands recommends storing your furniture when extreme weather is on the horizon. You may move your pieces to a shed, your garage, a storage unit, etc., to prevent harsh conditions from harming your outdoor furniture. Pay attention to the weather report and use your best judgment. RST Brands’ pieces are built to withstand some wind, rain and sunlight, so normal conditions aren’t something to fret about.

Additionally, you should store your furniture during winter months if you live in a cold climate. Don’t let prolonged exposure to snow damage your investment. Move the pieces to wherever you plan to store them (preferably indoors) and place outdoor furniture covers on top.

Close umbrellas when not in use
Patio umbrellas block ultraviolet light effectively, providing you with cool shade. However, their design makes them veritable sails. Umbrella bases hold them firmly in place, but you should still prevent your shade from being carried off in the wind by keeping them closed. Whenever you aren’t seated beneath your umbrella, close it. Additionally, store it during extreme weather and winter.

Hose down cushions
RST Brands’ furniture cushions are made to be weatherproof and water resistant, so cleaning them is rather low-maintenance. Start by using a brush with soft bristles to wipe away any dirt and debris. Then, use your garden hose to spray the cushions (and frame) down. Finally, lightly scrub the cushion using a mild cleanser, such as a gentle dish soap. Hose the suds away and let your cushion dry. You don’t have to do this often – consider making it part of your spring- and fall-cleaning routine.

Use less water on wicker
You should clean your rattan wicker outdoor lounge chairs much in the same way you care for the cushions. Scrub using a gentle brush (such as a paint brush), wash with mild soap and rinse. However, use as little water as possible on wicker furniture. Liquid can weaken the fibers. Once you’ve rinsed off the soap, consider gently patting the furniture dry with a towel.