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Winter Care Tips for Wood Furniture

As the seasons change and the temperatures cool down, you’re probably not spending much time lounging on your backyard patio. Rain, snow, and wind will eventually drive you inside, and then you’ll spend your evenings warming up by the fireplace rather than watching the summer sunsets outside.

Since your patio isn’t getting much use during the colder seasons, you may be wondering what to do with patio furniture in the winter. If you’ve invested in quality wood outdoor furniture, you’ll want to take the proper measures to preserve the quality. Harsh weather and moisture can damage your wood furniture if you don’t take the right precautions.

Learn what to do with patio furniture in winter and how to take care of wood furniture any time of year by checking out our tips below!


1. Keep furniture away from heat sources.

Exposure to sudden blasts of heat can warp or discolor your wood furniture. For this reason, store your patio tables and chairs away from heating vents and fireplaces.


2. Do not put hot drinks directly on furniture.

If you’ve decided to bring your patio furniture into your living space for the winter, remember not to place hot mugs of coffee or hot chocolate directly on the surface. Doing so will produce a ring that will be hard to remove. Use a coaster instead!


3. Keep the temperature steady.

Quick changes in temperature can warp your furniture and even crack the wood. Place your furniture in a temperature-controlled area where you can monitor the atmosphere. If you’re away for a trip, remember to keep the temperature steady to avoid damaging furniture.


4. Dust your furniture regularly.

Preserve the appearance of your furniture by dusting it with a damp cloth every few weeks. Treat the furniture as you would any other piece in your home, giving it a good cleaning any time you’re doing chores around the house.


5. Don’t put furniture in direct sunlight.

Even though the temperature may be cooler, your furniture can still be susceptible to sun damage. Don’t leave your wood furniture in areas that will leave them exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time or your wood may discolor.


6. Polish wood with lemon oil.

Give your patio furniture the care it deserves by wiping it with lemon oil on a regular basis. This will put moisture into the wood and revive its shine. Lemon oil can also act as UV protection for your wood, so be sure to coat the furniture in oil frequently if it is in an area with high sunlight.


7. Maintain humidity levels.

Dry heat will lead to cracked and dry furniture. Monitor the humidity in your home, keeping the moisture up to the 40-45 percent level. If your home is not at this level of humidity, consider purchasing a humidifier to place near your furniture.


Enjoy Your Furniture

Once the weather warms up, you can clean off your furniture and take it back outside for summer entertaining. By following these seven tips, you’ll be rewarded with years of enjoyment out of your wood furniture.

How to Stain Outdoor Furniture [Our Expert Guide]

How To Stain Outdoor Furniture

Staining outdoor furniture can bring new life to weathered and worn pieces. Wondering how to go about it? Staining outdoor furniture requires cleaning and preparing, stripping the old finish, sanding, and then applying the new stain. Learn more about each of these steps for how to stain outdoor furniture in the guide below.


How Do You Stain Outdoor Wood?

As we mentioned above, staining outdoor wood furniture involves preparing the wood, stripping the old stain, sanding, and applying a fresh stain. But before you do any of that, it’s important to make sure you have the right supplies.



A natural-bristle brush is best for oil stains, while a synthetic-bristle brush is ideal for latex stains. Buying the proper brush will ensure the stain goes on evenly.



Once your supplies are all ready, take care in preparing for the staining process. Preparing the wood the right way takes time and patience, but it will be worth it when you see the final results. Likewise, a rushed job will be obvious when staining outdoor furniture. Prepare the wood by:

1. Removing parts you don’t want to stain (like metal bolts or nails).

2. Clean dirt and mildew off the wood.

3. Allow wood to dry.



Stripping the stain requires a well-ventilated workspace. Set out a drop cloth and use a sander or chemical stripping solution to remove the old stain. Use a fine-grit sanding sponge to work around delicate or curved areas of the wood. If using a stripping solution, let it soak for about 20 minutes before removing the finish with a scraper tool.



Sanding will allow you to clean off any remaining stain and smooth out the wood to prepare it for the new stain. Always sand in the direction of the wood grain. Clean the wood with a dry rag to get rid of any sanding dust before proceeding.



Now it’s time for the main event. Choose your stain and then apply it by using the proper brush and a rag for blending each section. Start at the top of the furniture piece and work your way down.


How Do You Refinish Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture can be refinished in a variety of ways, including staining, painting, or waterproofing. Staining is one of the most popular choices for refinishing because it’s a natural-looking option that won’t chip and will stand up well to the elements.

Staining requires cleaning the wood, sanding off the old stain, and applying a fresh coat of the new stain. You can choose a similar stain or a completely new color.

If you choose to paint, be sure to apply at least two coats and an outdoor sealant as the final coat.


How Do You Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture?

Waterproof wood furniture as one of the best ways to protect your outdoor furniture pieces. To effectively waterproof your furniture, you’ll first want to research your options for sealant. Some stains come with a waterproof element, while others require sealant as a second coat.

The sealant can be applied by sanding down the wood and applying one layer of primer, followed by one layer of sealant. This will protect your wood from rain, wind, and sun damage.


How Do You Treat Wood For Outdoor Use?

Now you know how to stain wood on your outdoor furniture. But did you know you can also repurpose indoor furniture for outdoor use? Simply follow the steps in the previous section for weatherproofing your furniture, and your indoor pieces will be ready for use outside.


Do’s and Don’ts of Staining Outdoor Furniture

Even if you’ve never stained outdoor furniture, you can do the job right the first time with plenty of research and care in each step. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember:

  • Apply your stain at room temperature. If the stain is too hot or cold, it will ruin the consistency. Most stains should be applied around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but make sure to check the label.
  • Use even and smooth strokes. This will produce a natural and consistent color once the stain dries.
  • Apply your stain in a dry climate. If possible, avoid applying the stain in a humid area, since this will make it hard for the stain to dry. In the case of rain storms or extremely humid days, delay your staining project until the air dries out.


Get More Tips

Is your outdoor furniture in need of a refresh? If you’re looking for a change, check out RST Brands’ collection of outdoor furniture. We offer high-end outdoor sofas, dining sets, and more to suit any backyard.

The Best Patio Umbrellas [Outdoor Umbrella Guide]


Outdoor Patio Umbrella Guide


A sun umbrella is an easy way to add shade to your outdoor gathering area and block harmful UV rays from the sun. In addition to providing you and your guests with shelter from the sun’s scorching rays, an outdoor patio umbrella can also make for a stylish accent piece to your backyard setup. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve included everything you need to know about choosing the right umbrella for your patio space.


The Best Patio Umbrella Types


Before you begin shopping for the perfect sun umbrella, it’s important to know the different types that are available for you to choose from. There are over a dozen different kinds, so for simplicity’s sake, we’ve included the three most popular designs.


Traditional Table Umbrella

Perhaps the most common choice is the traditional table umbrella. You’ve probably seen patio furniture with umbrellas set up outside your local home goods store during seasonal promotions; chances are those were traditional table umbrellas.

What makes these kinds of sun umbrellas such a common choice is that they’re lightweight, affordable, and a breeze to set up and take down.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of strong winds and unexpected storms, this traditional type of covering may be the best option for you since they’re simple to take down and move indoors.


Tilting Umbrella

Have you ever been to an outdoor gathering and you had to keep moving your seat to stay in the shade as the sun moved across the sky? The tilting umbrellas is the perfect solution!

The name of this outdoor patio umbrella is pretty self-explanatory. Unlike the traditional design, adittion features an additional joint about a third of the way up the support pole that allows the user to adjust the angle of the umbrella. Its adaptabll iway to provingenious way to provishade at any til time ofn the sky, the tilting umbrella is ideal for mornings on the patio and evolup 50+ prot e frm tar tt-ks/coleman-13×13-canopy/.



Offset Umbrella

The offset patio umbrella (also referred to as a cantilever) is primarily used to shade one specific area in your backyard. Because of the cantilever’s heavy base, this umbrella is not so easily moved around the yard. However, what it lacks in portability, it makes up for in upscale design.

Rather than placing this backyard feature near the center of the area you want to shade, you can place it off to the side and out of the way without exposing anyone to the sun’s harmful rays. Protruding from the heavy base is a long, curved arm that reaches away from the base and hangs the umbrella over your desired area. If you’re looking to add shade, intimacy, and appeal to a tea table, lounge chairs, or an outdoor dining set, this is a great way to do it.


What is the Best Material for Patio Umbrellas?

Whichever type of umbrella you choose to outfit your patio with, be sure to buy one that is made from durable materials to withstand various types of weather. It is also important to store your umbrella in a dry, covered area during the off-season.



Sunbrella fabric is a popular product for outdoor items like sun umbrellas, awnings, and outdoor furniture cushions. This durable cloth is fade resistant, as well as easy to clean and maintain. It also repels water and provides some protection against harmful UV rays, making it a great addition to your patio in any climate. Sunbrella is the preferred choice of RST Brands and is used on our various types of outdoor umbrellas.


Polyurethane-Coated Polyester

Polyester is lightweight and able to retain its color over time. Polyurethane is used as a protective coating, in this case, making the polyester sun umbrella water resistant. This type of fabric is flammable and should be kept away from candles and other open flames.



Acrylic fabric is synthetic, lightweight, and often treated with chemicals to make it ultraviolet-resistant and less likely to fade. Patio furniture with umbrella fabric of this type can last a long time if properly cared for.



Canvas fabric is durable and long-lasting, particularly when coated with a waterproofing agent or acrylic paint solution. Uncoated canvas is prone to mildew if left unchecked, but can be cleaned.


Do Patio Sun Umbrellas Block UV Rays?

Yes and no. While your outdoor patio umbrella does provide a fair amount of shade, it is only able to block some of the harmful UV rays trying to reach your skin. The best approach is to utilize multiple sources of sun protection when spending time outdoors.

You can rely on a sun umbrella to help keep you cool and avoid overheating, as well as block some direct sunlight, but you should always wear a generous amount of sunscreen when you go outside. You can also use clothing and hats to cover up, and try to avoid peak sunlight hours.


What Size Patio Sun Umbrella Should You Get?

Once you know what type of sun umbrella you want, you’ll want to take extra care in selecting an umbrella of the proper dimensions. Otherwise, you could end up with half the shade that you actually need.

Patio umbrellas come in a wide range of sizes, which can make for a stressful selection process. As a standard rule of thumb, we suggest you choose an umbrella that is approximately two feet wider (on every side) than the area you want to shade. This will vary greatly, so grab your tape measure and step outside.


How do you measure a patio umbrella?

To measure a patio umbrella, measure the distance between the very center of the top to the outermost edge of the rib arm, and then multiply that measurement by two. Measuring the height of the pole is not necessary, but you may want to measure other areas. For example, if you are looking to buy an umbrella that fits a dining table, you will want to know the size of the hole it will fit into and make sure the pole of your umbrella will fit accordingly.


How Tall Are Outdoor Umbrellas?

Most standard sun umbrellas begin at seven feet tall and go up from there. Some even come equipped with the option to adjust the height as needed. If you are looking for something that will leave plenty of headspace above you, you may want to consider an offset/cantilever umbrella that can be positioned out of the way while still providing plenty of shade.


How Heavy Should a Patio Umbrella Stand Be?

More often than not, your new outdoor patio umbrella will come with a base heavy enough to support it, especially if you bought patio furniture with an umbrella as a set. However, if you find yourself needing to buy a base separately, you can do some simple math to make sure you buy one that can hold your umbrella.

All you need to do is measure the width of your new umbrella canopy as we described in the previous section and multiply that number by ten. Simple!


RST Brand Outdoor Furniture & Sun Umbrellas

Have you determined which type, size, and material are best for your backyard? View RST Brand’s fine selection of outdoor patio umbrellas to find the perfect one for you!

Luxury High-End Outdoor Furniture Brands [Your Go To Guide]


In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to create a relaxing oasis in your own backyard with the best high end outdoor furniture brands. In addition to loading you with information about the various types, styles, and materials available, we’ll also teach you how to best protect and preserve your outdoor furniture so you can continue to enjoy it for many seasons to come.

Browse a specific category by clicking on any of the quick links below:

– What Patio Furniture is Best for Outdoors?
– What Outdoor Furniture is the Most Durable for Different Climates?
– The Best Outdoor Furniture Materials
– Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside in the Rain?
– Most Comfortable Outdoor Furniture
– Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Outdoor Furniture
– What is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?
– Where to Find the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture


What Patio Furniture is Best for Outdoors?


Since high end outdoor furniture manufacturers aren’t selling their merchandise cheap, everyone wants to know what is the absolute best furniture for outside the home. It’s a very important question to ask before you buy, otherwise, you could end up with a damaged furniture set after just one season.

The fact of the matter is that the best outdoor furniture for you will greatly depend on the following factors:



Whether or not you have a place to store your outdoor set when it’s not in use should play an integral role in choosing your furniture. If you don’t have room to store your furniture during harsh weather conditions, you’ll want to choose weather-resistant materials and add an extra layer of protection in the form of high-quality covers and treatments.



Another factor to consider when picking outdoor furniture is the purpose it will be serving, including how often you’ll be using it and for how many people at any given time. If you frequently throw pool parties in your backyard, you’ll want to invest in a quality furniture set for several guests to lounge by the pool. If you’re looking to create an intimate, private space of relaxation, it would be prudent to opt for a small set or individual pieces.



The climate in which you live will play a great part in the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. To help you find the best materials for your local climate conditions, we’ve broken it down for you in the next section.


What Outdoor Furniture is the Most Durable for Different Climates?


High Humidity

If you live in a place that is extremely humid, you’ll want to choose furniture that is not so easily susceptible to mold or rust. Teak is a fantastic option for outdoor furniture in humid climates and it looks fantastic with just about any decorating style.


Snow & Rain

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow and rain, you’ll definitely want to avoid furniture made from metals that are primarily composed of iron or steel. If you live in a wet climate, but you prefer the look of metal materials, we advise you to go with aluminum over steel.


Hot & Sunny

If you thought your furniture would be perfectly safe in an arid climate with plenty of sunshine, think again. Direct sunlight will fade colors quickly, so vinyl cushions are a great way to go. You can also protect your furniture from sun damage by making sure the area is well shaded with natural foliage or an overhead cover.


The Best Outdoor Furniture Materials


If you want a durable patio set that will look great and last long, we recommend you purchase furniture made from the following materials while still keeping your climate in mind.


– Wicker

– Metal

– Rattan

– Vinyl

– Resin Wicker

– Mosaic

– Steel

– Aluminum


Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside in the Rain?


We strongly encourage our customers to refrain from leaving any luxury outdoor furniture brands outside in the rain, no matter how water-resistant they claim to be. Rain is a formidable enemy to almost any material, even rattan and wicker, so the best thing you can do to preserve your outdoor patio set is to reinforce it with waterproofing treatments, store it indoors during rainy seasons, and use durable water-resistant furniture covers that are designed specifically for your climate.


Most Comfortable Outdoor Furniture


To create the ultimate place of relaxation and luxury, we suggest you adorn your patio with the most comfortable types of outdoor furniture. Not only will these pieces provide you and your guests with a heavenly place to lounge, but they will also add a great deal of elegance to any backyard.


Modern Sectional Set Designs

Modern sectional set designs will turn any outdoor space into one of refined style and comfort, especially paired with a matching fire pit that you can build on your own. Whether you’re lounging poolside or enjoying Sunday brunch with your friends, you can’t go wrong with a sleek and stylish sectional.


Outdoor Sofas and Living Sets

Why seat your guests in hard plastic chairs when you can invite them to sit back in a deep-seated sofa complemented by mosaic end tables and a fire feature filled with sparkling fire glass? Outdoor sofas and living sets are a phenomenal way to drastically increase the look and feel of your patio.


Chaise Lounge Chairs

There is a very good reason as to why high end outdoor furniture companies always carry a large selection of chaise lounge chairs. These suave and curvy chairs are the epitome of comfort. Place a few of these babies around the pool for a picturesque Hollywood glam vibe and the perfect place to work on your golden tan or catch up on some reading.


Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Outdoor Furniture


Now that we’ve given you the rundown on the best materials and types of patio sets that high end outdoor furniture manufacturers provide, we’ve provided you with a list of mistakes to avoid when shopping for your new outdoor furniture set.


Not Measuring the Space and Furniture

The last thing you want to do is splurge on a furniture set that doesn’t fit in the place you want it to. Before you make any final purchases, take accurate measurements of your patio space and coordinate with the measurements of the furniture you’re interested in. Don’t forget to leave enough room for people to move around with ease.


Not Paying Attention to Materials

Just because you’ve found a furniture set that looks good or claims to be of good quality, doesn’t mean it’s a smart buy. Take what you’ve learned here today and apply that knowledge to buy furniture made of a durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant material.


Not Planning for Furniture Protection

Before you blow your entire outdoor budget on that gorgeous Portofino sectional and fire feature, consider the cost of the protection you’ll need to keep your outdoor furniture in pristine condition for many seasons to come. Your furniture protection should include fitted covers manufactured by a high end outdoor furniture company, waterproofing treatments, and if possible, storage space for harsh seasons.


Buying for Beauty Instead of Functionality

What’s the number one rule to any aspect of design? That’s right: function over fashion. Be wary of impulse buys and take time to consider what type of outdoor furniture set is most practical for your needs.


Buying Trends

Everybody knows that luxury outdoor furniture brands don’t come cheap, so don’t make the mistake of choosing a style that will be painfully outdated by this time next year. We suggest you choose a timeless design and classic colors that will blend well with the changing trends and your ever-evolving taste.


Giving Up Quality for Price

You get what you pay for. That plastic 4-piece lawn chair set may seem like a decent product for a good deal, but how many times will you have to replace the cracking, sun-faded chairs before you finally splurge on a quality set that will save you money in the long run?


Not Planning How You’ll Use Your Patio

If you don’t have a basic plan in place, or a solid understanding of what purpose you want to fulfill with your outdoor furniture set, how can you get the perfect furniture? Before buying, figure out if your primary objective is to create a secluded place of private relaxation or an accommodating place to host pool parties, dinner parties, and the like.


Skipping Over Maintenance

Neglected patio furniture is bound to last half as long as a set that is well maintained. Make sure that you’re prepared to apply waterproofing treatments, move cushions indoors when not in use, secure durable covers, and if needs be, relocate your outdoor furniture set to indoor storage depending on the weather.


Forgetting Storage Considerations

And speaking of storage, it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider before dropping the big bucks on a luxury furniture set in a harsh climate. This is especially important if you live in areas that are extremely humid or receive a lot of rain and snowfall. Make sure that you have a place to store your outdoor furniture during harsh weather conditions in order to preserve each piece.


What is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture

If you’re looking for a great discount or deal on luxury outdoor furniture brands, then shop strategically. Various seasons will often cause high end outdoor furniture manufacturers to raise or lower their pricing, so when you choose to shop is key to how much you’ll end up spending.

Quality outdoor furniture can often be found on sale after the summer season has come to a close—typically from August to October. It’s during this time when stores start clearing out their summer stock to make way for fall and winter items.


Where to Find the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture


Shop RST Brands for the best high end outdoor furniture brands, from Portofino to Vistano. Whether you’re looking for a few chaise lounge chairs to place beside your pool, or an outdoor dining set for summer dinner parties, you’re sure to find the looks you love and durable, high-quality materials that are designed to last.