10 Tips to Make Your Patio Pop

12 July, 2016

With the weather warming up you may find yourself spending more and more time out on your patio. This is the perfect time of year to evaluate your outdoor space and find affordable ways to spruce up your furniture and bring a little more ambiance to your outdoor retreat. Kick that dilapidated patio chair to the curb and transform your patio space into the perfect place for entertaining and rejuvenating with these 10 tips.

1. Furniture

The easiest way to make improvements to your patio is to get a classy and durable set of patio furniture. Invest in a heavy-duty, corrosion-free set with fade resistant cushions that dry quickly and are easy to clean. Don’t be afraid to add a table and chairs for an outdoor eating space as well.

2. Curtains/Pillows

Make your space more intimate by surrounding your space with outdoor curtains. Add a little comfort and design with coordinating pillows.

3. Lighting

Ditch the floodlights and look into adding lights that contribute to the outdoor vibe and overall feel of your space. Strings of holiday and outdoor lights can be hung to add different levels of light. Go big by installing drop-down pendant lights with a dimmer switch so you can control your lighting any time of the day or night.

4. Shade

The majority of time spent on the patio is during the sunniest and hottest months. Keep your skin safe and your guests comfortable by offering shade options such as large umbrellas and canvas coverings, or consider building a pergola.

5. Pops of Color

Brighten up your space by adding a little color. Vibrant colored or patterned throws, brilliant art pieces, and even brightly colored garlands can bring life to your patio.

6. Fire Pit

Create the perfect patio entertainment with a fire-pit or fire table. Add that bonfire feel with a place to warm up and roast marshmallows with a fire table to fit your patio decor.

7. Plants

Lush greenery and colorful flowers can really spruce up any backyard. Look for unique planters to add intrigue to your patio, or plant succulents in fish bowls and place them on tables within your space.

8. Outdoor Kitchen/Bar

Ultimate outdoor entertaining revolves around food and drinks. Think refrigerators, grills, burners, drink carts, etc. Create a space for cooking food and preparing drinks to add real flair to your patio.

9. Statement Rug

Maybe all your patio needs is a statement piece to lighten up a drab area. Choose a sturdy outdoor rug with bold colors and beautiful designs to impress guests.

10. Hammock/Day Bed

Fully take advantage of your patio by creating a place to really rest. Hang a hammock for breezy afternoon naps or construct a daybed using pallets and a mattress for serious lounging and day reading.

For more ideas and furniture options, see how RST Brands can spruce up your patio.