Create a stylish, private backyard retreat

10 March, 2014

If you're looking to create a special backyard retreat just for you and your family, you might be concerned with the privacy of your outdoor seating. Today there are plenty of alternatives to a bulky traditional fence, and some of the options out there can even enhance your outdoor area's design, from free-standing screens to walls of ivy. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you:

Wooden slats
For an easy DIY project, opt for a rustic but attractive wood slat wall. This is a natural addition for your garden that can be painted to include a pop of color in your backyard, stained to enhance the wood grains, or left in its natural state for a beautiful way to get some privacy. Wooden slat fences allow some light to shine through their separate panels, so the greenery from your neighbor's yard won't be completely hidden from view.

Flowered trellis
You can design a trellis garden fence to be as subtle or impressive as you like. Include an elegant pergola to offer you and your guests shade on a sunny day. Flank either side of your trellis entrance with urns filled with seasonal blooms to make a grand impression. Add colorful climbing flowers to your trellis design that will grow and block the view to your garden space. You can even enclose the workspace where you pot plants or prepare projects in front of your shed with a trellis wall to shield it from view. 

For a more intimate feel, opt for outdoor curtains. This is a great choice that is easy to remove or replace if your design changes, and they can give your backyard a secluded and secret vibe. You can hang curtain panels and gather them together to expand your view of the garden around you, or let them flow freely in the wind for a luxurious look.

Potted plants
Add to the life in your garden with a living wall. This is a creative way to shield your space without installing a fence. Just choose medium- to large-height plants that fit your backyard's design theme and you can create a beautiful, live border! Choosing coordinating planters will create a cohesive and seamless look.

Patio seating
To create a relaxing space so you and your guests can enjoy the privacy of your backyard, arrange your patio furniture as you would in your family room to encourage gathering for conversation. For maximum comfort and protection from the harsh evening sun, try positioning your privacy screen to the west of your seating arrangement. Make sure to include comfortable covered cushions and pillows, and your outdoor area will become the most popular room in your home.