Modern decor inspiration for your outdoor space

17 June, 2014

Your patio is an extension of your home, so ask yourself if your outdoor space currently coordinates with your modern interior. If not, you might want to consider revamping the space to fit the overall theme of your dwelling. Achieving a contemporary outdoor space is simple with these design tips:

Less is more
When decorating your patio according to a modern style, keep this general rule in mind: Less is more. Instead of filling the space with decorative trinkets, choose one or two striking pieces that you can use to draw the eye in. Consider a sleek fireplace as a contemporary focal point, or use bold-colored outdoor lounge chairs to make a statement. A space that isn't filled with clutter will feel more casual, light and airy.

Use subtle splashes of color
It's important to use color sparingly throughout modern spaces. Choose two or three vibrant hues that complement the color palette of your patio, and introduce the shades in various areas. For an easy DIY project, use old cinder blocks as planters and paint the blocks with colorful geometric shapes. Keep the rest of your patio simple in color – opt for a black-and-white color combination or use a palette of neutrals to stand out against the bright hues.

Consider modern materials
There are certain materials that are commonly used with rustic spaces, like weathered wood and brick. But when it comes to modern rooms, you'll want to go with other materials, such as concrete, glass, granite and stainless steel. Bare concrete floors, for instance, are perfect for a modern patio. The material can stand up to the elements and requires very little maintenance. You can use decorative area rugs to warm up the space. Another option would be to use large, square concrete slabs and pebbles to create a unique look for your patio's flooring.

Choose the right style light fixtures
The light fixtures for your patio should be just as sleek and simple as the rest of the architecture in your outdoor space. Hang stainless steel lanterns above your dinner table or use wall sconces to highlight any modern decor that may be on the walls.

Create a seamless transition
Help the exterior of your home easily blend with your interior by installing retractable screens that open up to your patio. This way, the inside of your home can get a cool breeze from the outside, and your patio will seem more like a part of your dwelling. This amenity also helps create an open layout for your patio, which is a critical element of modern style.