The lowdown on replacement cushions and covers

2 October, 2014

Many of our outdoor furniture sets come outfitted with cushions, which are weatherproof, resisting fading caused by sunlight and dampness caused by rain. While the cushions are engineered to last, you may find you want or need replacements for a number of reasons. In fact, our cushions come in two parts: covers and inserts. You may need one or the other. Either way, here’s a guide to buying new furniture cushions:

Reasons to replace
You’ll know you should replace your outdoor furniture cushions when:

You want to update the color scheme: Say you bought a lovely outdoor sectional with red cushions a few years ago. While the cushions may still be in great shape, your tastes could have changed. If you plan on updating your outdoor living spaces and introducing new colors, then picking out cushion covers is a smart move. Doing so allows you to redecorate without having to spend money on new outdoor furniture or cushion inserts. Browse through the cushions designed for the furniture sets you currently own, and pick out a color that will fit with your new ideas. Don’t get rid of the covers you already have in this case – you may want to go back to the old color scheme at some point.

They’re in disrepair: Cushions are built to withstand the outdoors, so the chances of them falling apart due to the environment are slim. However, extreme weather can damage your cushions. You should avoid leaving them out during such conditions, including winter, and store them in a dry spot. If you forget to store them during a thunderstorm or cold months, you may find you need to pick out new cushions or covers. If just the fabric is worn, go for the covers. However, if the foam is out of shape, a new insert is the way to go.

Tips for selecting cushions and covers
No matter why you need new cushions or covers for your outdoor furniture, you should follow a few guidelines when purchasing. Make sure you consider the following when you start your search:

Match collections: We offer numerous collections of outdoor furniture, and each piece has its own cushions. As you shop for replacement cushions, make sure you’re looking by collection and piece. For example, if you own the Portofino Signature Six-Piece Deep Seating Set, you should get cushions that are designed for that furniture (the Portofino Six-Piece Replacement Set). That way, you know your new cushions will fit perfectly on your existing furniture.

Match colors: Consider the other furniture pieces you have in your yard. For example, what color is your hammock or patio umbrella? Ideally, your new cushion covers (and thus your furniture) will match the overall decor of your outdoor spaces.

Consider accessories: Buying new cushions provides the perfect opportunity to also purchase accessories, such as throw pillows. Doing so allows you to add a complementary splash of color to your design and provide additional comfort. Remember, you can’t purchase any old pillow – you need one designed for the outdoors. We carry lumbar and throw pillows in numerous colors sure to meet your lounging needs.

Play with pattern: If you do get pillows in addition to your replacement cushions and covers, you have the opportunity to get creative with patterns. For instance, you might buy solid sand-colored covers and accent your furniture with striped pillows.