Strategies For Outdoor Patio Maintenance & Safety

19 April, 2018

Quality outdoor furniture can turn a backyard into a gathering place no matter whether you want to dine, play games, or simply relax. Use the following strategies to make sure your patio stays safe. Install and Maintain Safety RailsSafety first. You don’t want a calm evening of family or friends enjoying each other’s company on […]

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5 Ways to Incorporate Spring In Your Patio Decor

12 April, 2018

Don’t let the long months of winter get you down, Spring is right around the corner. With these five patio decorating ideas, you can spiff up your personal outside space and have it ready and waiting for the first warm day that comes along. 1. Clean or Refinish the SurfacesNo one wants to hang out […]

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Home Decoration Tips: Creating a Welcoming Family Room

5 April, 2018

Decorating family rooms can feel like a delicate balance between maintaining the overall style of the home while creating a space that says “welcome home” to your family and friends. Use these tips to find the right balance for your home. #1 Start with the EntranceCreating a welcoming family room starts before anyone ever enters […]

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DIY Backyard Design Ideas: Tips For Lighting Your Space

29 March, 2018

We’ve all seen those outdoor spaces that take our breath away. A truly beautiful backyard with attractive outdoor patio furniture is what takes a nice house to the next level, making it a destination for friends and family to gather and make memories all year long.However, it can be tricky to know what goes into […]

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Spring Living Room Color Ideas To Brighten Your Home

22 March, 2018

When the leading names in color selection release their seasonal color picks, it can be difficult to decide how to update your home interior design to match current trends. As winter comes to a close, the spring colors have been released along with plenty of living room color ideas. It’s important to remember that not […]

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Garden Landscaping & Yard Care [Spring Edition]

15 March, 2018

Spring is almost here! That means it’s time to start working on your garden landscaping so when warmer weather hits, your yard will be ready. Here’s what you can do (all in one weekend) to finish your spring clean up and get a lovely space you can enjoy during this beautiful season. Do a Good […]

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DIY Backyard Patio Ideas for a Romantic Evening

8 March, 2018

While a blanket on the grass can be a charming date idea, it’s nowhere near as romantic as your patio space could be. Take full advantage of the warm summer nights to come with our design tips on how to create a romantic patio space. 1. Outdoor FurnitureThe first and most important step to creating […]

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