Room Design Ideas That Give Your Home A Fresh Feel

6 July, 2017

  Feng shui: the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing your spatial arrangement and orientation to better the flow of positive energy. You probably are familiar with this term. You may have even considered implementing feng shui in your home or have previously tried to use it in your room design ideas. Regardless, there is no […]

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Outdoor Entertaining Ideas For Your Backyard This Summer

22 June, 2017

  Make the most of the warm weather by hosting a fun and memorable outdoor party. These seven outdoor party ideas will establish you as the king or queen of outdoor entertaining, and your parties will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Make sure to start planning well in advance to make […]

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Create a Home Away from Home with Your Guest Room Design

16 June, 2017

  It’s easy to miss the comforts of home when traveling—particularly when accommodations are anything but comfortable. When you play host, take a moment to ensure your guests feel right at home by creating a warm and welcoming space. With a little extra effort in your guest room design, you can arrange a wonderful, cozy […]

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Cool Room Ideas: Freshen Up that Stale Room In Your Home

8 June, 2017

  Science has repeatedly shown that keeping your home clean is beneficial to your health in many ways: you sleep better, you feel happier, you’re more likely to exercise, and it boosts your feeling of accomplishment. But for some of us, the thought of keeping our home clean evokes long-buried feelings of resentment and rebellion […]

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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

22 May, 2017

Is your living room a combination of mended pieces passed down from your parents or leftovers from your college days? If so, it may be time to reconsider a makeover. Kick that hand-me-down, brown and orange floral print couch to the curb and re-design your perfect living space to match your trendy, adult tastes with […]

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Tips For Designing Your Dream Patio

20 April, 2017

  Summer is the best time of year to entertain and catch up on rest and relaxation. Do both in comfort and style by creating an outdoor patio that everyone will love. By following these helpful design tips, you can bring to life the patio of your dreams. Tip #1: Determine Your Patio Goals Before […]

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