Picking the Right Furniture Color

16 September, 2016

Are you planning a home renovation? Do you have plans to spruce up your patio? Does your living room need a facelift? No matter what your project might be, make sure your decorations are up to par with furniture that makes your space look it’s best. These five expert tips can help you determine the best color scheme for your furniture.

1. Play Off Patterns

Does your living room or patio have a large area rug with a unique pattern? Maybe you’ve got brilliantly patterned upholstery or a captivating piece of artwork. Instead of choosing a furniture color that competes with this centerpiece, pick two to four colors that you like from the pattern and use these as the color scheme for your large furniture pieces. Keep the color of the walls in mind too, as to avoid selecting colors that will wash out your room or create a chaotic feel. For neutral wall colors, pick out light, natural colors from the pattern; for dark wall colors, look to the pattern’s cooler hues.

2. Consider the Color Wheel

If you’re at the point of shopping for furniture during your remodel or makeover, you’ve probably already determined how you want your space to feel. Whether you want a casual, relaxing space, a cozy, warm nook, or a vibrant, exciting area, choosing the right home furniture can be the best way to bring ambiance to your room.

When shopping for your furniture, keep the color wheel in mind. By choosing colors next to each other on the color wheel – analogous colors – you can bring your space to life. Choose blues and greens for informal or private spaces where you want to feel rested and calm. Lean towards reds, oranges, and pops of yellow to bring warm energy to a room.

3. Dress Your Room Like Yourself

Take a glance into your closet – what do you see? Do you tend to wear soft, neutral colors or dark, basic pieces? Do you have lots of patterns and bright colors or do you tend to stick to a more conservative design? Whatever the case, chances are you’ve bought these clothes because they look good on you and you feel good wearing them. Shop for home or patio furniture the same way! Along with the color, consider how it makes you feel when you sit in it, think of different ways you could accent the piece, and make sure you like the way it looks.

4. Remember the 60-30-10 Rule

Expert designers swear by the 60-30-10 rule, where you divide your room’s color scheme into three different components; 60 percent of the space should be a dominate color (typically the walls, floors, and ceiling), 30 percent a secondary color (think furniture and upholstery) and the last 10 percent an accent color (accessories like pillows and artwork). Not only does this rule help to ensure that your color scheme is balanced and your furniture color works with the space, but it also helps you get the perfect amount of pop that makes guests go “ah!”  

5. Go Gray

If you’re hesitant about picking the right color scheme or don’t have time to shop for hours for the perfect furniture – go gray. Gray is the trendiest neutral in the designer world today because of chameleon-like qualities. Whether you’re wanting a cool, calming space or a warm, welcoming space, gray pairs perfectly with virtually any color – from soft pastels to bold brights. Choosing gray for your furniture also gives you the chance to really play up accessories like pillows, throw rugs, artwork, etc.