Woman setting outdoor dining table

How to Prepare Your Home for a Happy Thanksgiving Day

16 November, 2017

Thanksgiving is much more than sitting down to eat a delicious turkey dinner (with some football thrown in for good measure). It’s about getting together with family and friends, sharing unforgettable moments, and creating wonderful memories. This may sound fantastic, but to make sure that you have a happy Thanksgiving day, you’ll want to do a bit of planning and preparation.

To help you have the best Turkey Day, here are some tips for preparing your home.

Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements are sometimes an afterthought, but they shouldn’t be. By strategically planning who sits where, you can help encourage pleasant conversations (and maybe avoid some of the drama that accompanies family get-togethers all too often). Make some table place cards with guests’ names – you can find great fall party ideas on Pinterest or Instagram that include free templates to design your own. These templates save you time (and grief) and are easy to make.

Decorating your House

Decorating your house for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a chore; all it takes are a few small changes. Add some autumn-themed accent pillows to give your house a cozy feel. Take out your board games and place them on side tables or coffee tables for guests to use as they wish. Then add a few of your favorite seasonal decorations here and there to tie it all together. Some classic Thanksgiving decorations ideas that don’t take too much time include a wreath for the door, candles, and decorative gourds.

Go Outside

If weather permits (and depending on the climate of where you live), why not dine outside? Put your outdoor dining set to use. Set up additional tables as needed for serving. Some comfortable outdoor seating would be great for overflow seating or if you’d rather not dine outside your family and friends will still have the option to take a breath of fresh air if they need to. Leave a few side tables next to your patio seating, so guests can set down drinks and plates.

Prepare for the Football Game

If football is a part of your Thanksgiving Day celebration (as it is for millions of Americans), having multifunctional furniture will provide the perfect seating arrangements and space for your guests to watch the game comfortably. Ottomans are great, for example; they can either provide extra seating or a place for guests to relax their legs (if their team is winning).

By pairing sofas with armchairs and bar stools, you give your guests more seating options and allow them to move around easily. If you want a more intimate feel, and you do not have a large guest list, a cushy sectional that is sized to your living room will be perfect for the event.

Relax and Have Fun

These are just a few Thanksgiving party ideas that hopefully will help you have a happy and relaxed day with your friends and family. After all, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about! You’ve planned a great day, and now it’s time for you to enjoy it and have fun.