Everything you need to know when buying a hammock

14 August, 2014

July 22 was National Hammock Day, and while the holiday has passed, you can still honor it. If you've been thinking of adding more outdoor furniture sets to your yard, consider selecting a hammock. These pieces are comfortable and relaxing, promoting a lounging experience. Of course, as with any item, some hammocks are better than others. Make sure you select the right product by following this guide:

Types of hammocks
Your classic lounging hammock comes in two forms: a banana sling and a model with spreader bars. As you can probably guess by the name, a banana sling looks like the oblong and bent fruit. Nothing works to spread the top and bottom of the hammock fabric. A hammock with spreader bars, on the other hand, features poles at both ends of the seat. The rods help the fabric stay open so that climbing in and out of the hammock is easy. 

The way you intend to use your hammock will determine what kind of bed you choose. If you'll be packing it up to take camping, for example, spreader bars may not be the best choice. However, when lounging at home, or when keeping the hammock in a single location, spreader bars are certainly the better option.

Setting up the hammock
You can probably picture a scene in which a hammock lays suspended between two trees: it's the classic way to install your fabric bed. However, not all homeowners have two perfectly spaced trees between which to hang their outdoor furniture. Fortunately, hammock frames act as posts to hold your bed aloft.The frame is sized to fit the hammock flawlessly, unlike your trees. If the trees are too far apart, you have to add more rope to your hammock. Additionally, the frame hooks the bed securely, allowing you to rest easy knowing the whole setup will stay put.

Weather considerations
Your backyard hammock has to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, including wind and rain. For this reason, you have to make sure the hammock you purchase is designed for outdoor use. Sure, you could get a fabric hammock that's made of cotton, but when it rains, you'll have to wait awhile to use your furniture again.

RST Brands specializes in the development of outdoor furniture, so you can bet the hammock is made of durable and quick-drying materials. In fact, RST Brands hammocks are water resistant and dry faster than other outdoor beds.

Personal taste
The type of hammock, how you erect it and the material it's made of are high-priority features. However, once you've got your outdoor hammock bed in mind, you can pay attention to decorative details, such as color. Hammocks from RST Brands come in four fabric color and pattern options. If you like the idea of lounging in a striped bed, you can choose from red, blue or summer (which is a multi-colored striped pattern). Check out the Summer Stripe Hammock Bed to get a better look.