Fill your summer with fun with these essential pool and deck accessories

15 May, 2014

Now that summer is just around the corner, you’re going to want put on your swim gear and step into your pool. This year, don’t just settle for a nice little dip in the water. Go all out and grab these essential pool party and deck accessories:

Waterproof pool table
What’s cooler than knocking down an eight ball against your friends? Hitting the winning shot inside your swimming pool. Make sure you find one that fits the size of your pool and is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Deck furniture
You don’t want to throw a pool party without outdoor furniture sets to seat all your friends. RST Brands has an extensive line of both deck and patio furniture made of only the highest-quality materials and the most stylish designs.

Patio umbrellas
The high noon heat during the summer months can be unbearable without some kind of barrier between you and the sun’s rays. Protect your skin while lounging pool side with one of RST Brands’s patio umbrellas. You can choose from a long list of sizes, shapes, designs and colors that match your home’s aesthetic, like our Portofino Comfort dining umbrella in Sunbrella heather beige or Terrace Market umbrella in Tuscan orange.

Aquaclimb climbing wall
You have to be quite the hardcore climber to install this behemoth in your pool, but the results are quite impressive. Made of stainless steel, the frame can reach up to 30 feet. The curved wall can hang over your pool for a natural feet-first re-entry into the water. The wall is also powder coated to ensure durability and can come in a variety of colors to match any type of decor you already have poolside.

Drink coolers/refrigerator
There’s nothing that spoils a summertime barbecue or pool party more than discovering all your beverages have become warm from being left outside. Don’t let the heat ruin your party and invest in a few drink coolers. You can place these in strategic areas around the pool or play area so your guests can access refreshments easily. You might also want to consider installing an outdoor refrigerator to keep a wide variety of cans, bottles and drink pouches cool throughout the day.

Remote-controlled snack and drink pool float
There’s nothing less fun than being at a pool party without having anything to munch. It gets worse when you’re in the middle of your pool and can’t seem to get out of your floatation device and hop into the kitchen. You can solve both of these problems with a remote-controlled float with integrated drink holders and a middle slot for chips and dip.